Filmmaker duo release 360° solution for Adobe After Effects

CANVAS 360™ offers the most versatile post-production workflow for 360° video with 3D camera tracking, stabilization, and compositing

TORONTO, ON - Far from Silicon Valley in make and miles, Mike Sevigny and Aden Bahadori set

out to carve their own path in the software market as Torus Media Labs. With over ten years in

media postproduction under their belts, Mike and Aden applied the same skill sets they honed

from independent filmmaking to finding a solution for a big problem—in 360°. CANVAS 360™ is

that solution, and this is their story.


How two artists created the most accessible 360° solution for Adobe After Effects


In January 2016, a colleague asks Mike if he knows how to composite multiple 360° passes in

Adobe After Effects. With no viable solutions on the market, Mike starts developing what is today

CANVAS 360™. By mid-February, Mike has the basic lines of code written for VRMaker, the beta

version. By the end of March, a solid working prototype of VRMaker emerges. Word spreads fast

about his progress. He’s even invited to be a guest exhibitor at NAB 2016, in Las Vegas, as

interest continues to accelerate.


In May 2016, Aden joins the team as CEO. After two successful investment rounds and a new lab

for R&D, Aden and Mike spend the next five months creating professional grade features for the

beta version 2.0, called “Maestro 360.” In October, they become official Adobe Tech Partners, a

dream come true for the team. With Adobe engineering and marketing support, Aden and Mike

shape the first commercial version, CANVAS 360™.


CANVAS 360™ features 3D tracking, custom POVs, and other powerful tools to transform

360° footage into immersive media


At its core, CANVAS 360™ is designed by artist for artists. With intuitive workflow in mind, the

architecture of CANVAS 360™ connects dots in the background, alleviating artists of tedious steps,

so they can focus on the work itself. Efficiency and versatility have been intractable problems in

VR post-production workflow—until now. CANVAS 360™ solves these problems within an artist’s



The learning curve is small and fast. Designed to incorporate traditional VFX workflows in a 360°

environment, CANVAS 360™ is the first line of products to use a custom point-of-view (POV)

feature. Users can now work on a specified true rectilinear area of the 360°, versus having to

affect the entire 360° image. This cuts down on rendering requirements and produces a more

accurate VR experience.


CANVAS 360™ also offers the most powerful 360° tracking management tool available today. The

toolkit enables tracking with After Effects’ 3D Camera Tracker as well as imports tracking/camera

data from other matchmoving software like PFTrack, Boujou and Syntheyes. With a host of other

professional-grade tools, such as PIP technology and multi 360° passes, CANVAS 360™ unleashes

users’ creativity in virtual reality.


CANVAS 360™Pro is available starting January 5, 2017.

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CANVAS 360™ is a professional 360° (VR) toolkit for Adobe After Effects, empowering Ae users to take their 360º projects into post-production using traditional, non-360º solutions.

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Dec 30, 2016