Find Best Deal on Alaska Ulu Knife & Chopping Bowl Set is your one-stop Ulu Store in Alaska, where you can easily and quickly buy Ulu Knife Sharpener in Alaska and Ulu Blade in Alaska.

Welcome to Ulu Store in Alaska, we have a wide variety of Alaska Cutlery Ulu Knife, Ulu Cutting Bowl sets that you can purchase at the best price. ULU is the company, offers Alaska Ulu Knife that everyone can use easily and effortlessly. We are the distributor of Alaska Ulu Knife, more effective at cutting, chopping, and mincing because it places pressure directly over the blade.


Use it for all your chopping, slicing, skinning and dicing prep or with our chopping bowl to mince spices & garlic or chocolate and nuts! Including those undergoing hand or wrist problems, can perform cutting & chopping tasks smoothly with a ULU. You can also use these knives for the cutting of hard objects such as bone or the cutting of cheese, pizza, and vegetables of all kind. We are offering the best quality of pocket ulu, Pizza Cutter Knife in Alaska, and Inupiat ulu with Birch handle in many different designs.


Although there are many new knives have been introduced, the adaptability of the ULU knife extends to prove itself as the predominant food preparation knife among the Native Alaska people. The burl wood cheeseboard and Ulu Knife Sharpener in Alaska also available separately in our store!


Browse our website to rely on our all the items so that your purchasing decision will become so easy. For doubts, queries or to know the price of items, feel free to contact us.


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Here at, we invite you to browse through our online store and shop Pizza Cutter Knife in Alaska and Knife Cutlery in Alaska with confidence.

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