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Some of the people who are the most vulnerable to sleep issues are also always on the road. As long haul truck drivers, they’re driving across the country and state lines at times.

Some of the people who are the most vulnerable to sleep issues are also always on the road. As long haul truck drivers, they’re driving across the country and state lines at times. So even completing a test can be difficult. When it comes to treatment, nobody wants to lug around a ton of heavy equipment. If you don’t have the gear you need, your health could be deteriorating without you even knowing it.


For those who have trouble setting up a time, sleep apnea watches are just one innovation. You can get tested on the road and confirm a diagnosis before you invest in CPAP machines. Once you’re sure you have sleep apnea, CPAP machines are more portable and adaptable than ever before. It’s just a matter of asking the right questions. If you sleep in your truck a lot, your needs would be different than someone who’s always in hotels. If you travel internationally, you’d want to get power attachments. Your equipment could be bigger with standard power resources.


It all starts with a home oxygen test and experts who know how to diagnose and treat the problem.


Why Do You Need an In Home Sleep Study?

Family doctors and other general practitioners may try to treat early sleep problems. If you complain about always being tired, they might test your thyroid. If you say you have trouble sleeping, they might give you sleeping pills at first. If the problem persists, they’ll refer you to a sleep specialist for home sleep testing. Many of the symptoms are generic enough to be caused by many different sleep conditions. If you sleep with a partner, they may be able to give you extra insight into things like snoring or breathing during the night. They might also notice if you move your legs a lot during the night. When you’re on the road a lot, it’s less likely that they might notice.


An in home sleep study takes objective measurements and account for the most common signs of specific sleeping problems. If you have sleep apnea, your body is losing oxygen for seconds or even minutes at a time. This can damage your body and have negative effects on your health. It also wakes you up when you start breathing again causing fatigue the next day.


If you have sleep apnea, it can contribute to different health issues. It makes it harder to fight obesity. Patients with sleep apnea also have a higher rate of other health issues like diabetes and heart disease. Waking up when you start breathing suddenly can also increase your blood pressure and put stress on your heart.


When you use oxygen treatments designed for sleep apnea patients, you can eliminate these problems to get back on track. Some machines are larger than others, and they deliver differing amounts of oxygen throughout the night. It’s up to you to work with specialists to make sure you find the right mask. You want one that fits snuggly to your face to keep the oxygen in. It can be calibrated by experts and then sent home with you. Always be sure to address any concerns you have early on. This could include something as simple as having the right plugs to sleep in your truck or other less common areas.


Improve Your Health with a Home Oxygen Test

If you have sleep apnea, home sleep testing is the first step towards recovery. Once you start treatment, you might notice you feel better and more energetic. You might notice yourself losing weight, or your blood pressure could drop. If you combine this with healthy lifestyles like plenty of exercise and a healthy diet, you’ll see greater improvements. Some could even help you better control your sleep apnea.

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