Food Traceability Market Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2020

The interdependence, integration, and globalization of food production and distribution systems are the key growth drivers for the global food traceability market.

The outbreak of foodborne diseases is becoming serious concern for the consumers, which is also drawing the governments’ attention.  This has led to increasing deployment of technology in food tracing. Among regions, Europe dominates the global food traceability market, followed by North America.

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Food traceability is dependent on corrective actions to be implemented, when food reaching the consumers lacks defined standards. The food traceability system employed by a government agency or food business identifies and isolates the contaminated products from the standard batch.  It can be involved at every level of the food supply chain, beginning from procurement of raw materials to packaging and storage of food items.

Food traceability system has the characteristic of tracking the food one step forward, and one step backward at any point in the supply chain. The companies involved in the food business maintain records related to identification of producers, suppliers, and consumers. The system identifies and filters the non-standard food products through these records. 


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The examples of traceability tools and labels around the globe include label on oranges in Belgium, sheep and goat tag in Lithuania, cattle passport in Germany, and label in beef steak in Belgium. The labels and tags include information, such as date of issue, weight of product, tag number, origin of product. In case of animal products, the name and address of owner, ear tag number of animal, and information about slaughter place of animal are included.

Traceability in domestic supply chains is easier, as production and consumption occurs at the same place. However it is complex for the supply chains including international trade. For instance, the traceability through hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)-based systems requires elaborated education and synchronization throughout the supply chain.

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The vendors operating in the global food traceability systems market include Minotaur Software Limited, BatchMaster Software, and Verify Traceability Limited.

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