Four Issues Need Solving in RS 3

In my point of view, some issues are involved with this game and need fixing. Here a brief analysis about it is revealed.

Hey, all RS players. How many years have you been playing this game? How do you feel about it? In my point of view, some issues are involved with this game and need fixing. Here a brief analysis about it is revealed.

1. Weapon speed is irrelevant. 

Ever since EoC, weapon speed has become an irrelevant factor. Speed offers a means to give different weapons different use cause. For example, range users used to use shortbows for their sheer DPS, but they would switch to something more accurate and slow like a crossbow, when the situation called for it.

In a PVP situation, players often used a high DPS weapon like an abyssal whip, but switched to a low DPS with high burst weapon like an AGS for the kill.

You have the exactly same DPS. Weapon speed is almost irrelevant, and the tactic of switching for a burst is generally less effective because the burst weapon can also be used for sustained DPS.

Therefore, weapon speed should become part of the game once again since it encourages the weapon diversity. Possibilities include changing the global cooldown of abilities based on the weapon speed and introducing different options for players to choose based on their situation.

2. Combat styles lack a unique identity.

Each combat style is almost a carbon copy of the same format. Abilities, armor, damage, etc. is literally the exact same thing, just slapped with a different "style".

The only reason style is relevant is because of an arbitrary combat triangle, which dictates a crazy advantage or disadvantage that resembles rock paper scissors. This isn't really fun, as players are punished for not adhering to the combat triangle, and the minimal differences between combat styles really hurt diversity in combat.

To improve on this, each combat style should be given a specific niche, something they excel at. Each class should have a unique identity, but also give them wiggle room to really customize their play style.

3. Strength is a useless skill.

Strength has been in a really weird spot post-EoC. It should be changed into a universal power skill that affects all combat styles. Also it should split range and magic each into two skills. The latter option is better. It gives players more build options.

4. The complete normalization of everything is based on its tier system.

Tier system is what really makes EoC a bad experience. Because armor and accuracy scales exponentially, anything below top-end gear is especially useless for high level content, and using level 50-60 gear for PVP means you are essentially wearing no armor at all because level 70-90 weapons have unbelievably high accuracy in comparison. On top of all this, gear becomes redundant. 

A dragon platebody is obtained from killing a fairly difficult monster, piecing together 3 specific drops, after completing a crazy difficult quest, but since it's level 60, it gives you tier 60 armor.

A royal d'hide body can either be bought for 0.5% of the cost, or you can kill some worm thing five times, and it actually has higher defense bonuses just because it's a level 65 top.

The new sliske staff is a carbon copy of a noxious staff, just slightly better in raw stats because it's slightly higher level in raw stats. The special attacks are not relevant enough.

The accuracy and damage of every new weapon is 100% predictable because it all follows pre-determined spreadsheets and formulas that decide exactly what accuracy and damage values X level weapon should have.

To sum up, there should be a collapsing of the tiers. Let the tier of gear be a guideline, not a set-in-stone description of what armor/accuracy/damage values it has. Give unique values to weapons, separate weapons in the same tier. Make certain weapons more accurate, or more damaging. This, combined with class individuality and weapon speeds, is called weapon diversity.

Do those issues resonate with you? Let’s look forward if the RS official would fix those issues. For cheap RS gold for sale, you are welcomed to place an order on RSorder.


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Aug 17, 2016