Further Growth Forecast For The British Motor Industry

John Gibson Associates, the leading name for automotive recruitment services, welcome the news of 85,000 jobs being created over the next 2 years

Research carried out by the commercial division of Lloyds Bank has shown a positive outlook across the British automotive sector. The overwhelming majority of businesses operating in the field anticipate further growth and expansion over the course of the next 24 months. John Gibson Associates, one of the most trusted suppliers of automotive recruitment services in the UK, have welcomed the news. They confirm that the research results are reflected in their own experiences of the ways in which they have served the sector in recent times.

The primary focus of interest for John Gibson Associates is the sustainable creation of jobs within the automotive industry. In respect of this, the Lloyds Bank research found that nearly 90% of businesses within the automotive manufacture sector anticipated the creation of new jobs over the course of the next 2 years. This would result in some 85,000 new jobs being created over a twenty four month period.

It is crucial that the new jobs created are filled by candidates able to contribute to the long term success of a business. Facts and figures regularly show that long term employment solutions contribute significantly towards the long term sustainable growth for businesses. The approach to automotive recruitment brought to the UK by John Gibson Associates ensures that businesses have the ability to successfully employ staff in a manner which meets the required criteria.

New job creation is just one area of growth expected in terms of the research by Lloyds Bank. Investment and growth are required in order to create these jobs, and both are forecast to experience growth. At present the turnover growth expected over the next 2 years is sat at 15%, with the majority within the industry anticipating that investment will remain at a constant of one fifth of turnover. In respect of where the new jobs will be created, nearly 40% of businesses believe growth in the sector will stem from new product development.

John Gibson Associates have served the automotive recruitment requirements of the British motor industry for over 25 years. The approach to employment they introduced has been identified as a significant contributor to the success of the industry nationwide.

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Mar 28, 2017