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Advanced Removalist (AR) is an agent that matches your requirement with the best and most appropriate removal service provider.

For example, if you want to move your home or office to a new location just across the street, why would you go to a removalist who specialises in interstate removal? These guys have huge overheads some of which will be recovered from you. On the other hand, if want to do an interstate move, you don't want to go to a small outfit that specialises in local removals. Trust us, there's a huge difference not only in the set up and investment but also in type of manpower and how they operate. A typical interstate removalist is a very sophisticated operation – but do you need all that for a local move?

The problem is, for a lay person it would be very difficult to figure out which removalist has truly interstate capability and which are just local operators. Interstate removal often requires warehousing and definitely requires insurance. If pets are involved than the requirement list expands even more. But how are you to know what exactly is required because most of the removalist will just provide you with a form and a bunch of boxes to check. Not many lay persons know which boxes should definitely be checked and which are just meaningless extras that the removalist hopes you will check and help pad the bill.

This is where Advanced Removalist (AR) comes in. We've been doing dozens of deals every single day and this has translated into a formidable reputation and buying power. In turn we use this buying power to get our customers a good deal. That's right, we are agents. Having been part of it for many years, we know the removalists trade inside out. Whether local or interstate, we know what is genuinely required and we know what is pure bullshit.

Why should you have to pay us in addition to paying the removalists?
In one sentence – we offer you peace of mind. We handle everything on your behalf. Having us on your side is a GUARANTEE that you will receive excellent service and that your material will reach its destination in the condition you want it to. In the unlikely event of an accident en-route or theft, you will be even more glad you have us ON YOUR SIDE.

Interstate Removalists Melbourne offers you TOTAL PEACE OF MIND. We are your genuine first-class, one-stop, highly experienced removalist services – interstate and local.  We HANDLE EVERYTHING from packing properly, to labelling, to animal transport, insurance and documentation. We cover everything that should be covered.

We can plan the whole move for you or we can help you plan the move and support you throughout the process. We are available 24/7.

Whether domestic of business, if you want economy WE CAN DO ECONOMY and believe us, we can do it without compromising the safety of your material. We want to assure you that, as your removalist, we take great care with your things, and our buying power also provides you with the best value at a price to suit your needs.

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We Offers Removal Services Across In The Australia. We Provides Moving Interstate, Or Even A Local Move, Is A Challenging Experience.

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Mar 20, 2016