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When difficulties beset love relationships, it is best to pause and reflect. If there is a will to overcome conflicts, it is time to ask for help. With marriage counseling of all types, Suntia Smith helps to resolve conflicts and improve relationships in Greenville, SC. We developed a consulting and training program to solve the problems and differences of couples, who consult us. But more importantly, teach couples the skills and principles they need to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. Suntia Smith offers Couples Workshops locally for little relationship repair or heart maintenance in Greenville, SC.


Suntia Smith is a licensed clinical social worker & couples therapist specializes in working with people and communities under-represented in the general services. Suntia Smith is a director and founder of this organization as a problem-solving resource for the family living in Greenville, SC. She provides the counseling for married couples, cohabiting couples, couples in dating relationships and separated couples who want to solve their conflicts and improve their relationship and communication.


As a clinical social worker, Suntia Smith provides Mental Health Counseling Services and deals with the impact of mental illness and approach mental health. She also specializes in providing psychotherapeutic treatments and therapies Learning and Attention, developing mental functions such as memory, cognition, perception and symptoms such as impulsivity and anxiety among others. Whether you need to Save Your Marriage,looking for a therapist, visit at to make an appointment with Suntia Smith.


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Does Marriage Counseling Help couples to solve issue in their marriage, or Can Marriage Counseling Save a Marriage? Suntia Smith is a licensed therapist specializing in providing Online Marriage Counseling to save relationship or marriage.

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