Get PGP Email Encryption For Blackberry Installed At Blackberrysecure dot Com is a Canadian group which is located in Windsor, Ontario. It is a leading provider of the blackberry secure mobile handsets. is a Canadian group which is located in Windsor, Ontario. It is a leading provider of the blackberry secure mobile handsets. They offer these devices and PGP services separately to their clients. They provide such handsets that work on PGP Email Encryption for BlackBerry at wholesale and retail prices. The company has its business spread over a vast number of countries like the UK, Panama, USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Dominican Republic, Australia and Thailand.

Apart from this, the company offers to install the PGP technology on blackberry devices at extremely affordable rates. The latest and up –to- date technology is provided to the clients. It aims to provide encrypted blackberry pgp devices to its customers with a guarantee that communication among BlackBerry Secure devices cannot be intercepted by any third party.

On all orders for mobile devices that exceed eight or more units, the customers can avail special and group rates. They provide shipping through FedEx Priority all over the world. All the orders get delivered within 3 business days.

To get an invoice online, the customers can log on to and fill in the required details for the same. Alternately, they can send an email to with their name, company name, shipping address, city, state, postal code and country; also mentioning what type of units and/or service is required by them.

Their retail outlets are situated at various locations: Canada, Windsor, London, Toronto, USA, Detroit, Miami, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Mexico and Thailand.

They employ an extremely knowledgeable staff that provides excellent technical support and customer service assistance at all of their centers. The company offers tailor made solutions to meet the personal preferences of their customers. For further information on all the services and products offered, visit their website

The company offers complete range of activities including setup, maintenance and customer support solutions. For placing an order or queries, call: (519) 997- 2322. For support related queries, contact the company at

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All you have to do is send an email to, along with your name, company name, shipping address, city, province/state, postal code and country along with what type of units, service required. We will then send you an invoice along

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Feb 05, 2015