Gift Packaging bags and boxes is our strength of business growth in 2017

Despite continuous flux with major economic and political events swaying consumer and business confidence in UK, online carrier bags e-commerce company has a positive hope in its growth of business.

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The overall retail market in UK witnessed a growth of 2.2% in retail sales in January 2016 and total online sales were up 10.4% in the same month, year-on-year. Considering the fact, UK's carrier bags e-commerce giant, sees a better business platform in the month of January 2017.  The organisation had to struggle a bit in the initial stage of its inception in 2014 to come in the competition of trading online carrier bags in UK. But its exported quality Kraft paper carrier bags and gift boxes along with assured services to retailers has strengthened its online market in UK time to time. 

In the month of January 2016, the overall in-store retail sales in UK rose by 1.2% , food and grocery sector rose by 0.8% where as clothing sales flat lined and DIY and gardening sales dropped by 0.3%. Comparing its database, Wholesale Carrier Bags, which holds its major market value in sectors like clothing, food packaging, Gift Packaging and grocery, has a positive approach despite a complex macroeconomic environment that  underpins consumer sentiment and spending power. It's major focus for the upcoming month, January 2017, is in extending its market of gift packaging bags and boxes.

The e-commerce carrier bags giant so far experienced a perfect storm of record high sales in Kraft paper carrier bags and tissue paper sheets in 2015 and 2016. Its overall sales of gloss laminated boutique gift bags, matt laminated boutique gift bags, gloss laminated gift boxes, matt laminated gift boxes and Kraft gift boxes were steadfast. The company has leaped over from traditional marketing strategy to an advance level where they will be participating in digital marketing to enhance its gift packaging bags and boxes business.

At a business meet with investors in UK, the managing director of Wholesale Carrier Bags stated, 'so far we had a steady business growth with our quality of products and services. Now that we have established ourselves in trading online carrier bags, our focus for 2017 will be on gift packaging bags and boxes. We have estimated a growth of 2% every month in our business from gift packaging as the new year 2017 is filled with growth prospects'. He added, 'in the last two years the real income growth in UK were unstable that affected the household saving ratio. It seems to be in balance now.'

Being asked, ' why do you consider gift packaging bags and boxes will be the strength of business growth in 2017?', the managing director was quite confident with his reply. 'Not only 2017 but this will take us to a new level in the years ahead. So were we have established ourselves in paper carrier bags. Now along with it we are into gift packaging. We see no uncertainty in this unless the world sees a natural devastation'. He laughed.

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In a short span of time, Wholesale Carrier Bags has captured the online market of carrier bags in U.K. It is an online store of the best quality gift packaging and also trades in every type of eco-friendly Wine bags. It believes in ethical production fro

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Jan 03, 2017