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Jigowatt Ltd ( proud to inform everyone that they are offering responsive web design services to all business owners.

Jigowatt Ltd ( proud to inform everyone that they are offering responsive web design services to all business owners.


If a website has a responsive design, it will adjust automatically when viewed on mobile devices. This way, visitors will no longer have to resize the website when using their smartphones or tablets, and they will be able to read its contents without difficulty. People are more likely to visit websites that have a responsive design because they offer a convenient browsing experience.


Since this kind of website design uses only one URL and HTML, Google will find it easier to crawl, index, and organise their contents. These websites will also rank better in the Google search results page compared to those that does not have a responsive design. Jigowatt Ltd’s team of professional web designers, marketers, and creative staff employs advanced web development techniques and design trends such as click versus touch, optimised mark-up, screen size, pixel resolution, and more to design responsive websites. This way, it is guaranteed that clients can acquire all the positive benefits of having a responsive website.


Moreover, Jigowatt Ltd conducts thorough researches and studies their client’s businesses so they can come up with an efficient digital strategy in designing responsive websites. They work closely with their clients to have a clear understanding of their business goals. By doing these things, Jigowatt Ltd can create websites that truly showcase the brand or business of their clients.


Jigowatt Ltd knows that a website cannot fully function with a responsive web design alone, so they also offer other web-related services. According to them, “It is important that businesses find a web designer who combines beautiful design with technical expertise, to deliver the design and functionality that fuels business growth. Effective web design and implementation requires a number of different skills, including design, SEO, marketing, and project management. Our experienced team pulls these skills together into one package to deliver websites proven to get results”.


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Jigowatt Ltd is a company composed of professional website designers. They offer responsive web design services to business owners of varying needs and budget. Aside from this, they also provide help when it comes to search engine optimisation, web hosting, and many more. If you are interested in getting their services, there are a lot of ways to get in touch with this company. You can send your written questions and suggestions to their email address, or by accomplishing the contact form on their website, Alternatively, you can speak with one of their representatives by calling 01733 267775.


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May 25, 2017