Glass Coating Technology Makes Your Glass Resistant To Stains And Scratches

High performance Glass Coating Technology help in protecting all kinds of glass surfaces which are used for both commercial and domestic use.

High performance Glass Coating Technology help in protecting all kinds of glass surfaces which are used for both commercial and domestic use. Shower enclosures, windshields, exterior glass, solar glass panels, fine art glass and etched glass are some common examples of glass surfaces that are widely used at homes and offices. In recent years, cost of glass has witnessed a steep incline depending on its quality. Glass is most vulnerable to damage and you would want your glass to keep looking like new and stain-free with the help of low-maintenance coating that enhances its appearance as well as keeps it studier and durable for a longer period of time.

High performance nanocoatings by the name of NanoSlic, developed by the house of Florida CirTech,are proving their utility across domestic and commercial sector by offering a long lasting protection to metal, glass, ceramic, polymer and other surfaces from environmental elements that are responsible for causing corrosion and rusting besides abrasion, scratches and chemical etching. NanoSlic is a top quality ceramic coating that provides excellent protection which otherwise is not possible to attain with traditional coatings which lack hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. Nanocoatings provide effective resistant to corrosion and abrasion while imparting water and oil-repellent properties to applied surfaces. The reason why glass surfaces benefit from this nanocoating is due to its unique hybrid structure that works in 3 ways to provide optimal resistance to stains, which are literally impossible to remove unless the surface is protected with low maintenance and high-performance ceramic coating.

Domestic and commercial consumers buy glass to enhance the beauty of their building as well as for their functional benefits. But constant exposure to UV rays, hard water, sea salt, soap scum, and other environmental elements leads to gradual wear and tear over time of glass surfaces. This is evident from the loss of gloss, stain marks, scratches and water marks. Glass Coating Technology fills in microscopic peaks and valleys, making the surface smoother, water and oil repellent, and resistant to stains and scratches, thus preserving its original quality and appearance.

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Florida CirTech came into existence in 1991 and Mike Scimeca was the man behind it. It started with manufacturing and supplying proprietary chemistries to electronic and printed circuit board industries. Florida Cirtech's Colorado based facility is spread over 30,000 square foot and acts as a main office, manufacturing facility, storage spacing and holds its R&D labortary.

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Sep 06, 2017