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ChemEqual is a global speciality chemical marketplace in United States engaged primarily in worldwide knowledge and information sharing of chemical products from manufacturers around the world. It acts as a B2B bridge between the buyer and seller making the enquiry and procurement process a hassle free experience. ChemEqual since its inception has partnered with a large number of chemical companies in the world and is recognized as a trusted chemical portal and online resource by the industry leaders from all over the world.

ChemEqual was incorporated in the year 2014 by a group of professional consultants pioneering in the chemical sector in New York and was officially presented in a press release on 26 February, 2016 with a vision to end brand monopoly and follows the line of “Don’t be a victim of brand monopoly, See equivalent range of products”.  Since then, ChemEqual has received overwhelming response from industry critics and researchers and has become the largest B2B specialty chemical marketplace. The management comprises of a group of talented and experienced individuals   with a proficient background in chemical engineering and associated sectors of various industries and is headed by the CEO, Sophia Jones. Sophia was the co-founder of ChemEqual, a search engine to find specialty chemical products and its suppliers, manufacturers or its equivalent brands. Prior to ChemEqual, Sophia was a senior member of International Council of Chemical Association. Sophia holds a Ph.D.CEP and M.S.CEP degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  Born and brought up in New York to an American father, during her academic tenure at MIT, her main source of inspiration was her Australian mother who was a chemical engineer by profession.

Speciality chemicals, often referred to as performance or formulated chemicals, are highly industry and operation specific   and thus require extensive quality testing before application. The credibility of manufacturers, suppliers and their respective products developed over the years with tenacious R&D as well as effective brand building is available in the information directory of ChemEqual and verified by the efficient research and marketing team of ChemEqual before making live on the online marketplace. All products listed in ChemEqual are mandatory environment friendly, ozone friendly, non-hazardous and completely safe for commercial and personal applications.  Speciality chemical industry around the world is expecting a turn around with a proper channel for meeting supply with demand. ChemEqual by connecting the supplier and buyer through its unique business to business model helps reduces cycle time and increase availability of chemicals irrespective of country and language. The clean and green technology mission of ChemEqual has been appreciated by leading manufacturing and service groups of several countries.

 Our ever increasing database has about 85% of speciality chemical products available throughout the world consisting of several categories like drinking water chemicals, rodine acid inhibitors, corrosion inhibitor, descaling chemicals, reverse osmosis chemicals, RO antiscalant, anionic PAM, brewery chemicals, citric acid descaler, sulfamic acid descaler, descaling chemical and many others. ChemEqual   is the first choice by industry buyers around the globe with its presence now in over 50 countries for their annual and monthly chemical requirement. ChemEqual is a global online marketplace open to any supplier or manufacturer of chemical products that can meet international standards of product quality with a commitment to provide global chemical solutions at fair prices and registration is totally free. Sellers can register for a free account and add products along with its composition (that are carefully scrutinized by our team of chemical experts), applications and guidelines of usage are verified and then they are hosted on the portal. Buyers from industries like food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, oil and gas, iron and steel, construction, etc around the world can use the search tool available at website to find chemical equivalents and place their product enquiry /purchase requisition accordingly.

Globalization has become a major concern of chemical industry today. The impact after the launch of ChemEqual was immense to that vision. Building and enabling a marketplace which can contribute to such a global market was not that easy, as it took 5 years of planning and innovation before its launch in 2014.  Developing the ability to identify, recruit, and train talents, resources for a chemical marketplace were even more challenging. Moreover, to change the perception of the chemical companies around the world and bringing these organizations under a single marketplace were probably the biggest achievement of the board members of ChemEqual.

The marketplace is based on three easy and simple steps for any visitor to get product quotes directly to his/her mailbox – Search products, See equivalents and Send Enquiry. ChemEqual has developed one of the most efficient search tools to find speciality chemical and its equivalents in just a few clicks. This vast database consists of over 30000 speciality chemicals which can be searched by brand name, chemical compound, and generic chemical category in line with other best equivalents available. There are over 700 verified speciality chemical manufacturers and suppliers already active on ChemEqual. It is used by the company for knowledge distribution and promotion of chemical, its equivalents across the globe. Apart from it’s headquarter at New York city, ChemEqual has offices in United Kingdom, Canada and has now expanded its physical presence in different other countries throughout Europe and Asia. The year 2017 started on a positive note as ChemEqual was able to extend its reach to countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai and Singapore. 

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ChemEqual is a global speciality chemical marketplace in New York with over 700+ manufacturers, 30K products listed, reaching 50+ countries. Search for required Speciality Chemical products and its suppliers, manufacturers or its equivalent brands

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Jun 28, 2017