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Since this change had the specified effect at reduced combat levels, the weapon is not any longer useful for more impressive range player. In order to boost the value with the Heavy Ballista for more impressive range players, Jagex wish to change Heavy Ballista along with Light Ballista to aid bring more equilibrium overall.

So that you can improve the Mild Ballista, Jagex will increase its stats to fit that of the particular Heavy Ballista because it currently exists inside game. In some other words, the Ranged attack with the weapon will become increased to +110.The Ranged level needed to equip the gun would also become increased to 65 and it can use all forms of javelin with the particular weapon.

To boost the Heavy Ballista, you want to increase the Ranged attack to +125 and its particular Ranged strength to be able to +15.Alongside this kind of, the weapon would certainly require completion regarding Monkey Madness II and also level 75 Ranged so that you can equip it.

If they do change the management of this game, it will ultimately impact the future of this game. But sometimes companies acquire others for the simple reason of a transaction to make profit, and then once building it up, they sell their share of the company either back to Jagex or another competitor. (Kind of like what McDonald's did with Chipotle, buying shares for 500M and selling for over 1B in profit).

I think this will be good for the game since the audience has been the same through word of mouth or google searching. This can put the game on larger scales perhaps even entering some sort of competitive gaming scene because that's taken very seriously in China. Best of luck, Jagex!

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