Growth Rate Reflects The Strength Of Investment In The London Property Market

Finefair, the leading name for property management services in London, welcome reports showing the positive state of the current market.

Information obtained from the Land Registry shows that the average price of property in London has hit a new record high. The figures reflect a last quarter increase of 14% on the previous quarter, with the year to year growth being measured at 3.75%. This news has come as housing market research group Hometrack have released a report which indicates that the London property market appears to be cushioned against a potential price fall.

Finefair, one of the leading names in the London property market, has welcomed both reports as confirming their long term view on the sector. Despite developments and events causing some uncertainty in forecasts for the market Finefair firmly believed that demand for property in London was going to remain at constant levels throughout the last year.

Newham and Waltham Forest are two of the London Boroughs singled out to illustrate the current strength of the property market. Property across these regions has increased by an average of close to 15% over the course of the last year. This is close to double the average increase recorded across the entire London market and reflects the sustained growth experienced in these Boroughs since 2012.

Finefair has held preferred supplier status to both of the London Boroughs mentioned above for more than a decade. They work in close co-operation with the municipal authorities, assisting with services such as guaranteed rent and council leasing in both Waltham Forest and Newham. Property owners and investors who appoint Finefair for management services are placed in a highly beneficial position as a consequence of this status. Portfolio holders are assured of the maximum yield gains possible, whether they are targeting long or short term returns.

The London property market has emerged relatively unscathed from an 8 month period of uncertainty. There were several factors which many believed might have had a negative impact on both the values of and the ability to generate revenue streams from property in the capital city. Finefair remained resolute in the view that the demand levels of London property would surpass all other concerns. The figures recently released illustrate that Finefair were correct to view the market in the way they did.


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Mar 27, 2017