Guide to level up quickly with 80% off runescape 07 gold on RSorder in osrs Dec. 26

Guide to level up quickly with 80% off runescape 07 gold on RSorder in osrs Dec. 26

Here are some tips on leveling your prayer, ranging and magic level in Runescape. There are some important facts that people don't realize. Here is my view on the subject.There are many different techniques in leveling up your skills. As your level gets higher, the experience points needed to achieve the next level also gets cheap 07 runescape gold higher. Especially for non-members, it is even more difficult. This article is for those average non-members that are trying to raise their ranging, magic, and prayer skills. Here are some tips on leveling up efficiently:

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Ranging is a type of combat that requires a bit of money to use. When you range, you should wear ranging armor. This includes cowls, coifs, chaps, vambraces, leather bodies, and etc.

Important: Do not wear melee armor while ranging, such as bronze, iron, steel, black, rune, and etc. People don't realize this, but wearing melee armor decreases your range bonuses. Also, this applies to gloves too. You should wear vambraces instead. Wizards, especially, are the creatures most vulnerable to range.


Magic is a very expensive type of combat, but it is probably the most effective. When you mage, it is Important that you do not were any type of range or melee armor, such as leather bodies, rune, addy, etc. These decrease your magic bonuses. Instead, wear wizard robes and wizards hats. An anti-dragon shield is also good to have too, since it does not decrease your mage bonus. It is also a good idea to mage with an element staff, such as air staff, fire staff, etc., since they save you runes and give additional bonuses. Magic is very effective if the opponent is very melee armor.

Important: This means a person in full rune is more vulnerable to magic opposed to a person wearing nothing at all.


The best location for a non-member to bury bones is the ruins south of Varrock. Bones are constantly appearing in that area, especially if there are lots of people killing wizards. Be warned, there are many level 20 wizards that attack low level players. Big bones are also good choices. If you have many runescape gold, you can simply buy them from other players at the west Varrock bank.Also, work hard to get your prayer up to 20. Once you do this, you could enter the second level of the monastery north of Falador. If you pray at that alter, you get 2 extra prayer points per charge.

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