GuidunzTM Consulting Offers Top Quality, Result-Oriented Product Strategies for B2B and B2

Executive Product Strategies for Healthcare, Finance and Telecom Industries Provided By GuidunzTM Consulting.


NOVEMBER 27, 2016: Those that are looking for result-oriented product strategies for growing their businesses can stop their search at GuidunzTM Consulting. This company backed by 17 years as product management experience for B2B and B2C markets, is now open for business. GuidunzTM Consulting has the experience and understands exactly how to provide solutions for unique business problems. The company offers expertise of its dynamic executives who are skilled in obtaining productivities and growing revenues in various industries like Finance, Healthcare and Telecom. “GuidunzTM gets its strength from providing strategic leadership by focusing on building product strategies which yield long term sustainable growth” says Nitin Krishna. Nitin is Founder & Chief for GuidunzTM who has played a key role in the growth of the company.

GuidunzTM has led multiple high performance product strategy, business and marketing operations teams for the world’s largest corporations in Healthcare, Financial and Telecom Industries. Says Nitin, “Collectively, GuidunzTM has experience building and managing more than 50 financially viable product offerings for these corporations”. The company executive has served as a board member of strategic and high growth business unit. Nitin also provides an insight on the achievements of the company, “In addition to Product Management, GuidunzTM also specializes in building business development plans along with performing M&A due diligence for acquisition opportunities and strategic partnerships”.

According to Nitin, companies looking for Product Concept Ideation, Product Development Plan, Project Plan brainstorming and creation, Go To Market strategy, Operations Strategy and Planning, Budget planning and Business Development Plan are the ideal focus of GuidunzTM. The company particularly specializes in Cloud and Technology based products, examples of which include Software Based Cloud Products which can provide effective services in the Infrastructure, as a Platform, as Software, as an API and for Data collection; Telecom Based Cloud Products for efficient functioning of the Internet, Ethernet and Wireless; and Consumer Based Cloud Products such as Mobile Apps, SMS/Text Based Apps and Ad based apps.

So, for those in need of consulting or advanced technology based Cloud products, GuidunzTM is the right choice for exclusive services.

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Executive Product Strategies for Healthcare, Finance and Telecom Industries Provided By GuidunzTM Consulting.

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Nov 26, 2016