Handmade African Beaded Sandals: A Beautiful Way to Help Girls and Women

There is no question that handmade African sandals are stunning – but the good that this product can do for the women

There is no question that handmade African sandals are stunning – but the good that this product can do for the women who make them (and thousands of other girls and women) is where their true beauty can be found.

In today’s crowded footwear market, pre-fabricated shoes may be the norm but consumers with heart and vision want more. Handmade by East African women Artisans, making these sandals and flip-flops provides jobs can give the women great creative expression as well as generate funding for important causes benefitting East African girls and women in need. The sale of each pair supports charitable projects which facilitate clean water, girls education and women and children’s health.

When choosing a pair of handmade African beaded sandals the understanding that you can change more than your footwear makes a beautiful, handmade product even better. You can also help to positively change lives of deserving women and girls if sales of the sandals are further invested in life-changing charitable projects.

Why Should You Wear These Beautiful Beaded Sandals?

· Preserve and Extend Important African Culture

New sandals made with traditional beading used for centuries by the East African Maasai and other tribes extends a beautiful artform to future generations. While East African community members can wear the sandals with pride in their heritage, others can wear them to reflect both their support for the population of African girls and women and their personal style. When selected carefully, beaded Maasai sandals can reflect as much about the wearer as they do about the makers.


· Footwear to be Worn Frequently and Admired Just As Often

The intricate beads which comprise the beautiful patterns found in beaded Maasai sandals truly make them both a piece of art as well as treasured and comfortable footwear. This makes the product unusual: they can be worn often – and will be admired just as frequently.


· An Array of Patterns to Match Every Opportunity

Thanks to the talent and creativity of the women Artisans making these beaded leather flip flops endless choices and patterns can be found. The women Artisans regularly create new designs so purchasers can be confident of finding a beautiful sandal to match every outfit and occasion.


· Affordable Sandals Which Give Back

Beaded leather flip flops are a long-lasting investment: the color of the beading is not subject to fading yet the leather sandal conforms to the wearer’s foot, combining comfort and beauty in a single product. Created in the harsh walking conditions in East Africa, the sandals are durable and a great investment, which can be doubled when the products’ proceeds can be used to facilitate funding for important charitable causes.


· A Fair Wage to Artisans

Buyers should carefully choose their pair of handmade African beaded sandals making sure that the Artisans who make them will receive a good wage and support for their families.


Choosing the right a pair of handmade African beaded sandals allows the buyer to embrace both a change of footwear and encourage a bright future for those who make them.


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Aug 17, 2017