Happy Belly Pune Starts Introduces A New Healthy Snack

Happy Belly has just introduced a new healthy snack to their existing list of healthy snacking items.

Sept 2016, Pune, Happy Belly has just introduced a new healthy snack to their existing list of healthy snacking items.  Their new savoury bite is aptly named “Small Wonders” and can be a perfect beverage companion.

According to HappyBelly.me "Savoury, crispy discs made with moong daal and rice flour. Flavoured with digestion aiding dried fenugreek leaves and aromatic ajwain, each bite of this crispy treat is an unforgettable experience. If you crave something sapid then these nibbles are the perfect match for you. These namkeen tidbits go well everything: chai, coffee, smoothie or any of your favourite bar drinks! ".

Happy belly Pune already provides many snacking options which not only help deal with hunger pangs but are also a great source of nutritional requirements our body craves for.

Small Wonder’s Nutritional Information (per Packet) as per their website is:

Fat – 9.5G

Protein – 5G

Carb – 30.5G

Energy – 233Kcal

Ingredients: Whole moong dal flour, rice flour, whole wheat flour, kasuri methi, ajwain, salt, spices, oil.

Happybelly.me is an online healthy snack box delivery service. It believes that “Everyone, be it single people, office-goers, home-makers, the health conscious, and big & small families, spends considerable mental and emotional energy, on a daily basis, looking for the right Snacks to munch on . Tidbits that take care of their food cravings whet their appetite or help achieve their nutrition goals.”

Happy Belly says “These days, schedules are hectic and it is getting harder for people to lead a wholesome lifestyle. We recognize this fact and it is our aim to make it easier for people to snack healthy. We want to make conveniently available to them a wide range of exclusive snacks that are distinctive in taste and add to their overall wellbeing. Goodies that are nutritious, fresh, delicious, like home-cooked food, and are from a trusted source.”

Some of the interesting and popular Happy Belly snack boxes include “Nutrilicious” which has been designed to fuel workout regime as it is jam-packed with antioxidants, high-fibre whole grains, muscle building proteins, health promoting phytonutrients, dietary minerals, and ample vitamins.

Another snack box gaining rapid popularity especially with kids and moms is “Munchkins” which has been designed to get children to eat healthy. This little wonder box has mouth watering treats that are packed with dietary protein, calcium, minerals and vitamins that help kids stay sharp and boost their growth.


For more information on Happy Belly Pune Snack Box Subscription & delivery services you can contact Taru Happy Belly team at:

Phone number: +91 9881235000

Email : support@happybelly.me

Website: http://happybelly.me/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Happy-Belly-186892781688931/

Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/happybellyme/

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Sep 07, 2016