Hardwood Floor Repair is Available in the Chicago Area

Hardwood floors are quite durable. Due to carelessness, negligence, or accidents they may need repair over time. If you live in the Chicago land area help is on the way. Leading flooring services perform excellent work in installing, refinishing.

What could possibly go wrong with hardwood? It’s hard right? Even the best of floors will sometimes need help. Look at these common issues that need attention:

Water damage causes mildew and swelled boards. Leaking pipes, frequent spills in the kitchen area, or dripping water on floors when using the dishwasher are causes.

When mats are not used on the outside and inside of entry doors damage occurs. It is caused by frequent use and rocks stuck to shoe soles.

Moving furniture without pads on the legs will scratch or gouge floors unnecessarily.

Children and adults drop toys or hard objects and dent the wood

Boards can buckle when laid without leaving a small space between them and walls.

Insufficient finish applied when originally applied can wear thin prematurely.

Neglect and carelessness are enemies to any floor. Leading Chicago Hardwood floor repair companies will put your floors back into their original condition.

When Hardwood Floor Repair is Not Enough, Restoration Will Be Needed for Your Chicago Home

Some hardwood floor issues are beyond simple repair and need complete restoration services by a leading Chicago flooring service. One of the more common services is sanding away the old stain and finish that is faded or worn. After clearing the dust new stain and several coats of final finish are applied. When dry the floors are buffed to a nice polish.

More serious problems that need restoration include buckling, multiple dents or gouges in the wood, cracks, boards separating, and water damage. The dents can generally be repaired. Sometimes the damage is extensive and many boards must be replaced. The natural wood color and grain need to be matched to be acceptable. The boards will be sanded, stained, and finished to look like the original.

Sometimes the subfloor and/or underlayment is a problem. When this occurs all of the boards may need to be taken up to get to the problem. The subfloor may not be level in several places or may be damaged. Once this is corrected the hardwood is replaced and refinished. Don’t try this yourself because it is an extensive job. Call a professional service with years of experience. Hardwood floor restoration in Chicago is serious business.

9 Things to Look For in a Professional Floor Restoration Service

If this is your first floor restoration project you need to have a good idea of what to expect from the pros. Leading companies take pride in their work and want to please their customers by supplying these essential services:

Have a long track record of doing professional work

Perform installation, floor sanding, refinishing, and restoration

Provide excellence in customer service and follow up

Create a high level of trust that will be enduring

Technicians are the best trained in the industry

Assist with design, application, use, and maintenance of floors

Provide accurate estimates of upfront cost

Use state of the art tools, equipment, and supplies

Are reliable and respectful of you and your property

What more can you ask for in a flooring service? Any company that can perform these floor restoration services should be at the top of your list.

This Company’s Floor Repair and Restoration Services Are Superior

Classic Floors Chicago knows the floor repair and restoration business like no one else. Their 16 years of experience puts them in a position to expertly diagnose and repair all of your flooring problems. They also provide complete restoration services for hardwood and laminate floors.


No matter where you live in the Chicago land area their experts will come to your home or business. Management’s personal guarantee of quality is everything you need. Floor repair and restoration should not be a problem for you – just give them a call to get the services you need.

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Wooden floors have their own charm and elegance. If you are looking to install wooden floors in your house or commercial area in Chicago and nearby areas, you can trust the services of Classic Floors Chicago without doubt.

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