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If you are having any employment related issues, you can contact Employee Rights Consultants right now.



If you are having any employment related issues, you can contact Employee Rights Consultants right now. You need to visit https://hkemploymentadvice.com/ to get prompt employment advice. If you just got terminated improperly, you can call them to discuss your case right now. You must know your rights regarding the contract and other statutory rights now. They advise on all employment law matters including pre-employment, resignation, pre and post-termination issues also. They are expert consultants which can advise on all types of employment matters.


The company is professional and provides instant online quotes. You will get crisp and straight answers to all your questions right now. If you have any Hong Kong employment and labour law query, you can call them to get quick solutions right now. The company official informed that they help to get full entitlements including bonuses and end of year payments so that your employer pays you fully as a result of termination clause.


Many candidates join the competitor companies due to the lucrative offers. However, they might get sued due to the clauses. You can also face issues related to non-compete, non-solicitation, non-dealing, garden leave. Your incentive or past bonus might be blocked by the provider also.


Also, if you have received under-allocated bonus payments, you can contact them to sort out the issue right now. You can get prompt and practical advice from the consultants. The firm provides resourceful employment and labour law advice to employees. 


They provide realistic and productive advice to assist in your employment process. Though they are not law advisors, but still hold complete knowledge regarding the rights of the employees before entering an organization or leaving the organization on an abrupt note. It’s very important to contact them to get insightful advice and consultation to solve your case. They have a fees structure where you can select the advice and service options. You will get an instant quote and once confirmed, will receive a detailed response to your query within the turnaround time. If you are joining a new company, the firm can provide in-depth information related to your probation rights related to compensation, leaves, and medical benefits in detail. If you just received an unnecessary warning letter, the firm can provide solid assistance to help you get out of the mess right now. Just give them a call and get an honest consultation right now!

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