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Hemostats are instruments used to reduce or halt bleeding during surgery. These can be enabled by the time privileged approaches of smearing pressure, stitching the bleeding or using thermal energy devices.

Hemostats Market deals with the production and distribution of medical instrument such surgical sealants and other specialty surgical products. A hemostat is used to reduce the bleeding caused by surgery. There are different types of hemostats procedures depending upon the type of surgery.

The hemostats are the instruments that are used in various procedures done to stop bleeding; these procedures include stitching, smearing pressure or using device with thermal energy. There are topical hemostatic agents that are used in various surgical situations and in the development of new technologies used during surgery. Hemostasis is a procedure of activating plasma clotting and platelet clotting; it can be divided into two processes, primary and secondary.

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Scope & Regional Forecast of the Hemostats Market

The Hemostats Market can be classified by type, treatment, end-user and geography. Hemostats on the basis of type of specialty surgical products includes collagen based, thrombin based, oxidized cellulose based, gelatin based and combination based. Depending on application a hemostat is used to be applied on various surgical procedures like spine surgery, cardio therapeutics, obesity, pulmonary surgery and more. The end-users of hemostats include nursing homes, hospitals, and surgery centers

Hemostats market is expected to grow larger in near future owing to the increasing demand in everyday surgical procedure. A hemostat is also known as hemostatic clamp or arterial forceps and these are most commonly used instruments at the time of surgery. These tools are very essential to stop bleeding veins and arteries, thus are used in every type of surgery.

The Hemostats market by geography segment includes Americas, Europe, and Asia- Pacific. Among these major regions America is expected to continue a steady growth in the coming years also, due to growing medical and healthcare facilities. The Hemostats market growth is derived by increasing demand of medical instruments, sealing agents, surgical sealant and different types of hemostats for day to day surgeries.

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 Segmentations & Key Players Involved in the Hemostats Market

According to IndustryARC analysis, the Hemostats Market can be divided into various segmentations on the basis of –    

Type: Thrombin Based Hemostats, Gelatin Based Hemostats, Collagen Based Hemostats, Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Based Hemostats and Combination Hemostats

Treatment: Obesity, Cardio Therapeutics, Spine Surgery and Pulmonary

End Users: Hospitals, Surgery Centers and Nursing Homes

Geography: Americas, Europe, Asia- Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW)

 Some of the key players involved in the Hemostats Market according to IndustryARC are as follows:


·         Collagen Matrix, Inc.

·         Ceremed, Inc.

·         Bioster Group

·         Arc Therapeutics Ltd.

·         Angiotech Pharmaceuticals

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Hemostats are instruments used to reduce or halt bleeding during surgery. These can be enabled by the time privileged approaches of smearing pressure, stitching the bleeding or using thermal energy devices.

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