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Packaging plays an important role in transporting delicate goods from one place to another. Newly invented retail packaging bags Knowbagz, is designed to deliver effective packaging with accurate weight indication at best prices in Edmond.

Finding a proper packaging solution when you are transporting any delicate item from one place to another is not always easy and that often results in damaging the product that you are transporting. The packing bags are essential and the latest revolutionize innovation in the packaging industry is the Knowbagz which is a patented item from Patrick Tatum who is noted for coming up with a very simplistic and yet accurate packaging bags which will ensure that the weight of the product is accurate without having the need to tear the packaging off.

About knowbagz

Made from a special type of lightweight thermoplastic the knowbagz are durable vacuum bags which you can use easily for your packaging needs. The bags are available in very specific and accurate dimensions along with accurate weight which make them perfect choice for the packaging of delicate products which has to be measured in accurate weights. The weight of the bags is printed on the surface and you can easily subtract the weight of the bag from the total weight to get the actual weight of the product inside it. Since the bag is vacuum bag and have a very tight seal you can rest assured that there is no chance that air have escaped within the bag.

Where can you buy them?

One can easily place a bulk order for the retail packing bags from the website of the knowbagz. The bags are available in rolls of 10 and 20 bags which are of specific dimensions. You can easily pay on the website portal and be sure that the product would be delivered to you. You can also check through the franchise address and contact details and buy the bags from them as well though it would cost slightly higher from the franchises. However the knowbagz are not available off the rack at places like Wal-Mart or target where you can find other renowned brands of vacuum bags easily.

Demand and supply


Various industries like food, spices, jewelry and medicine have high demand for these bags which are perfect for them. Since all this industries need to maintain an accurate weight of the product they are selling, these bags serve as the best packing material for them. The bags are light weight but durable which make them ideal for all these industries who seek these bags.

Products or Services

We offer the following products: 1. Vacuum packaging bags. 2. Vacuum heat sealed bags. 3. Food saver vacuum bags. 4. Retail packaging bags.

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Nov 21, 2016