High-speed and differential signaling for hobbyist PCB designers

DipTrace 3.1 Free-PCB CAD software with high-speed and differential signaling for hobby and students. Simple interface, import/export, and worldwide community.

DipTrace team has rolled out a new version of the popular PCB CAD software - DipTrace 3.1, - now featuring length-matching and layer stackup manager. Despite introducing more and more features for dealing with high-frequency circuit boards, the software continues to offer the same tools for hobbyist for a much smaller price or completely free.

May 29, 2017. Novarm Limited announced the release of DipTrace 3.1 Free, a long-awaited new version featuring:
- Length matching rules for buses and high-speed nets;
- Meander placement tool for nets and differential pairs;
- Layer stackup table;
- Direct Altium and Eagle import;
- Significantly expanded component and 3D model libraries, new hotkeys, and UI improvements.

DipTrace 3.1 is an important milestone for entire DipTrace community. Version 3.1 dramatically expands the designer's capabilities with comprehensive support of high-speed nets, buses, and differential pairs. The real-time length comparison table, length-matching rules for the DRC, and meander placement tool helps to make sure that all critical high-frequency signals or buses are properly functioning.

Layer Stackup table gives a comprehensive control over conductive and dielectric layers of the circuit board and ensures reliable communication between the PCB designer and CAM engineer. The DRC now considers a layer stack and bonding wires inside electronic component's package when calculating the length of tracks and phase of a differential pair.

We have also improved the Phase Tune tool and introduced the Align objects feature, permanent net highlight option, and allowed for changing the measurement units with hotkeys anywhere in the software.

Our librarians have prepared 10,000+ new components and around 1,700 new 3D models.

Switching to DipTrace has never been easier with customizable shortcuts and importing capabilities which allow the user to bring his designs, libraries, and even habits directly from major ECAD tools.

DipTrace 3.1 Free is for hobbyists and students, it allows for designing projects with up to 300 pins and 2 signal layers for free. DipTrace team also offers less-restricted non-profit licenses for 30% of the price of the commercial license.

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Jun 16, 2017