How Anti-Abortion Supporters Hinder Females Accessing Abortion with Technology

If you are pregnant and want to terminate your pregnancy, you can now text a number to obtain information, and you can talk with a crisis pregnancy center entirely over text if that’s what you want.

Non-profit organizations established to advice pregnant patients against to buy abortion pills or surgical abortion, frequently utilizing false claims about the hypothetical health causes of the process- have long used cunning strategies to get women through their doors, from misleading advertising banners to attempting to appear ‘clinical’ or ‘medical’ through outfitting staff in white coats.

Professionals, however, stated some in the industry are influencing new technologies to spread its message in even more effective and invasive ways, although it’s unclear yet how successful these new policies are. These tools include attractive websites with advanced graphic user interfaces; usage of text messages with personal touch to reach out to those seeking for abortion; and even smart phone to target women while their visits to abortion clinics.    

A sociology professor and director of gender studies, has researched the industry’s misleading strategies since 2006. She stated that, it’s a movement which is focused on coming across as helpful, comforting, and gentle to those considering abortions.

Anti-choice group’s strategies:

If you are pregnant, you can now text a number to get more information and you can talk with a NGO counselor entirely over text if that’s what you need. She also mentioned some ads and hoardings encourage pregnant people to text for information without even a hint, which they are paid for by anti-choice groups. Their strategies go beyond smart phones and texting, nevertheless. They have also continued to take benefit of loopholes in existing technologies, like for greater outreach, search engine algorithms.     

More than a decade ago, some NGO authorities revealed online ads were efficient and a cheap way to noticeably get a better reach to people, and spent the years since sharpening their strategies.  

This strategy has been continued for years. Because of paid campaigns, searching abortion pill kit online or abortive clinic often returns outcomes that place ads for such NGOs above legal abortion facilities.  

Efforts to eliminate the false ads:

In 2014, a pro-choice group led a campaign to persuade Google to take away such ads. During that time, Google said it removed about 2/3rd of the ads. However it still remains hard to truly eradicate them from the top of Google searches, as per an associate director of a pro-choice group California.  

Although it might be difficult to maintain the constant onslaught of new, deceptive ads, the public pressure generated by this pro-choice group study played a vital short-term role.    

Efforts are being taken by these pro-choice groups to crack down on the search engine side with the local efforts, which generates extra penalties and make powerful those jurisdictions to act again those anti-choice groups for false advertisements.

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Jun 16, 2017