How Computers Access Pornography on Their Own

It has been suspected by some and claimed by others - computers have evolved and can access website, including adult material, on their own initiative.

For those who have ever watched a movie called The EYE, it was very scary that a computer made by people can turn on them and start acting on its own and killing its makers. There have been numerous movies like this in the last decade showing us that these very intelligent machines we are developing and upgrading everyday can actually use their intelligence to do things they want. The mobile phone SIRI first seen on the cartoon Boondocks is another perfect example of a machine controlling itself instead of being controlled by man.

Examples Of Computer Independence

One of the common examples is pornography. Have you ever switched on your computer and immediately, pop ups of virus warning start appearing on your screen? Try clicking on this and what you will get is an endless list of porn links and sites that no amount of deleting and rebooting will finish. Most people say that one must have gone to these sites before in order for this to happen but I know a handful of people who swear against this explanation. For those who claim that it’s a malware, isn’t the job of a virus to erase your data or corrupt your computer? Evidently, this malware warning that brings porn sites to your screen does not do anything else harmful to the computer.

The Truth

The only explanation to this scary occurrence is that computers have souls and they can indeed access pornography on the internet out of their own will. A lot of computer geeks who use computers support this with extensive research so it can only be true because where there is smoke there is fire. This is possible just like the way it autocorrects your typing and rejects certain words. Makers of computers have made sure that computers are so advanced so they can make our lives easier to an extent that these machines are technically human only more intelligent and proactive. They are designed to study what human beings want and give it to them and what do men like more than sex? I rest my case.


Unfortunately, just like all pharmaceutical companies deny that their drugs are killing more people than they are saving, big IT companies like IGS Computers deny that computers accessing porn on their own is possible. I know this all sounds very outrageous and highly unlikely but unless someone out there has a valid and believable explanation besides this virus crap to prove some things happening in our computers, the soul factor remains the correct explanation.

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Nov 13, 2014