How Does Airwheel smart helmet outdoor sports Safety C5 Come into Being?

As modern people concerned much more about health issues, outdoor sports, in particular riding, are recovering its former popularity.

The elements that influence people’s choice of a helmet are its wearing comfort level and functions. Traditional helmet which has mere head protection functions can not meet current needs. Airwheel, as a pioneer in the intelligent vehicle company, successfully launched the intelligent helmet C5. Intelligence seems to be a significant and unstoppable trend in the future. C5 with excellent performance will escort each riding journey.

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The decision that Airwheel made to launch its first smart bike helmets C5 is a giant step for the intelligent vehicle manufacturer. Airwheel hopes to spread the eco commuting concepts all over the world and further implement the application of intelligent vehicles. By introducing C5, Airwheel provides dual protection to riders. C5 also better helps people to enjoy the sports and upgrade the definition of sports protection equipments.

Airwheel Bluetooth helmet C5, is made of quality materials which complies with related standards of CPSC and has equivalent crush resistance as Nokia. The top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust hole improves air flow. C5, though integrated with technological elements, is still light-weighted. All these designs are meant to enhance the wearing comfort level. During the riding journey, the multiple functions can play a key role. C5 has been inserted with a camera lens which can record videos and take pictures. The camera lens with 2k resolution level is able to present high-contrast shooting performance. The recorded videos and photos can be shared with friends when connecting C5 to indoor network hot spot. The max internal storage of C5 is 128G and riding enthusiasts can record more videos. When connecting C5 to the phone via Bluetooth, the entertaining functions can be activated. Riders can play music by C5, since it has a speaker. There is also a key on the helmet for riders to answer phone calls. The Bluetooth speaker allows users to enjoy music as well as hear the external sound.

The introduction of Airwheel sport helmet C5 will make riding no longer boring. In outdoor sports, the gadget is an essential tool.

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Oct 06, 2016