How Recovering Addicts Can Help Others in Recovery

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Recent studies reveal that helping other addicts during recovery may help recovering addicts and alcoholics stay sober. While many addicts and alcoholics relapse in 6-12 months after treatment, those who are active in helping fellow addicts recover actually relapse less. This may be the secret weapon to full recovery from addiction.


A study by Maria Pagano of Case Western University focused on the social connections of addicts. The study took over 10 years with a focus on how to decrease social anxiety and isolation while increasing the supportive network of addicts. Pagano and her colleagues found out that recovering addicts who help their fellow addicts recover have up to a 50% chance of avoiding relapse.


This leads one to think twice about society’s views on addiction as a lack of willpower. Instead, addiction can be viewed as a lack of positive social connections. If true, the findings of their research can have a significant effect on treating addiction.


Free Addiction Treatment from Recovering Addicts


Only those who have gone through what you are experiencing can tell you for sure how to handle the problem yourself. In fact, many addiction treatment specialists were former addicts themselves. Even now, you can find addiction treatment online groups with hundreds of recovering addicts providing each other with the support and encouragement that they need. This creates a strong network with a community that has the same goals and the same mindset towards fulfilling their goals.


We do not dispose of the other addiction treatment programs. Instead, we suggest that the findings of this study be used in a way that can profit others. As such, Recover Live has set up an online addiction treatment support group that includes live sessions, guides, and strategies on how to go through this journey. We believe that no one has to go through this journey alone. With the right treatment and a great support group, we may all see each other at the end of recovery with their lives back in order.


Expanding Your Support Network with Online Addiction Treatment


We must recognize that addiction treatment professionals are only a part of a larger support network. For a recovering addict to finish the course of recovery, a rehabilitation program would work best with the support of many people. This includes family members and addiction treatment specialists. In recent years, this may also include fellow recovering addicts. You may encourage others that are just starting out on their road to recovery. You may also get guidance and encouragement from the professionals and those who have gone further down the road than you have. Find the strength to get out of the darkness from those who have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Online addiction treatment can help you win over drugs and alcohol during rehab as well as after you get the necessary treatment.


Benefits of Helping Others in Recovery

  •      Develop social skills and build confidence.
  •      Builds your network, even to find future work by starting out with voluntary work.
  •      People who help others are less likely to go through depression
  •      It shifts the mindset from being self-absorbed to thinking about the welfare of others.


Helping other recovering addicts have become so rewarding such that others turn it into a career. Change is evident in the lives of these people that they want to affect the same change in others. If you are thinking of turning your life story into a profession, you can get the necessary certification and enjoy a brand, new life.

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Feb 11, 2018