How To Choose The Right Kayak Carriers For Ease Of Loading?

The right Kayak carrier has these bungee jumping type cords that can be attached to hold the Kayaks in place as you drive to your Kayaking destination.

Kayaking is a sport that many of us love but carrying a bunch of Kayaks to the waterfront can be a task in itself unless you have the right kayak carrier on your vehicle. So here's how to choose the right Kayak carrier for ease of loading and unloading onto the roof-top of your vehicle.

The best Kayak carriers are of course roof-mounted carriers. The next best is to tow them; especially if you have a large number of Kayaks to carry. Carrying them any other way (we've seen them being tied to the side of the vehicle) can be dangerous and can lead to accidents.

Roof-Mounted Kayak Rack Systems

The right roof-mounted Kayak carrier can easily be installed on any car rooftop, truck or van. The right Kayak carrier generally has four vertical posts connected by two horizontal rods. The Kayak carrier can be permanently mounted on the car’s roof (depending on the frequency of sport or activity) or you can easily uninstall it and reinstall as and when required.

The right Kayak carrier has these bungee jumping type cords that can be attached to hold the Kayaks in place as you drive to your Kayaking destination. There are two top-of-the-line brands that make the right Kayak carriers – they are Thule and Yakima and you can buy them at the vehicle accessory shop here:

Some folks might assume that a Kayak carrier is only meant for carrying Kayaks – not true. You can also use it to carry general purpose luggage. The Kayak carrier is quite secure and stable, making it just as ideal to carry your luggage as it is for carrying Kayaks and as mentioned earlier, the Kayak carrier can be easily removed and installed when required or permanently left on the roof of your vehicle.

If your vehicle has factory-installed roof racks, then you are in luck as you would only need a few accessories or adapters to be able to carry Kayaks.

Some folks have lovely sports cars and they love its uniqueness for which reason might not have a regular SUV or truck in their garage. For such folks, foam blocks are the best option. Foam blocks can be used as temporary carriers and also come with ratchet straps that attach to the car’s roof or windows. Foam blocks can hold the Kayak securely in place and prevent your expensive car from getting scratched. And of course, Roof Racks Online are easy to install and remove.

Some important accessories for carrying Kayaks are:

• J-cradles and stackers. These are ideal for carrying more than one Kayak. The Kayak Carrier are placed on their sides and usually up to three Kayaks can be carried.

• Saddle-style mounts can also be used to carry Kayaks.

• Integrated lift systems – ideal for heavy weight Kayaks and boats. It features automated lifts to pull the Kayak into place on top of the vehicle roof. Your friends will definitely drool over this.

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