How to make an astonishing career in Sales? The profile of a Successful Sales Agent

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Find out how to thrive in a world full of challenges and unpredictable moments! You will be surprised to discover that success is not one in a million thing, is in your power to trigger it and this is the main purpose of this ebook.

Everyone is in SALES!

It is extremely important to realise that there is a sales person in every one of us. From the children’s emotional blackmail to the negotiation of the pay packet or to the photos posted on social media, they all are a constant sale. Consciously or not, sales are an important part of our life, and each one of us contributes daily to this economic universe, seeking - one way or another - personal satisfaction. Trust is earned gradually, just as efforts are followed by success when there exist motivation and a healthy philosophy.

Driven by passion, leading by example

From whom might be the best to learn about sales environment than from an expert in this field? Adrian Mazilu, one of the founding members of trade.Berry project and the main leader of its community is sharing his rich experience in sales, talking about ups and downs in this industry and more important, he brings to light  what is in behind the armour of a Sales Agent.

“Sales define me as a person, and when I speak about myself, they are the business card of both my personal and professional life. My entire career has focused on sales, and during the time, the determination and passion for this industry have brought me exceptional results. Through them, I earned the appreciation and respect of those in my line of business.”

What to expect from this ebook?

Success in sales, as in any other area, is obtained with passion and plenty of determination, and this way we are getting to the purpose of this ebook - a tool addressing to those who are willing to perform, that offers insights about the profile of a successful sales person like: mission, vision, values, motivation, life goals and the personal philosophy. On the course of this ebook, Adrian Mazilu presents sales strategies from his own perspective, as a person who has done this his entire life and who has formed around sales a whole life philosophy. Specifically, he will describe the experiences and vision that, in the past eight years, have led him to exceptional results.

From where to download the ebook?

Download the ebook for free on This is the first and only informational HUB for trade.Berry community, powered by Adrian Mazilu, the main leader of this network. More than this, Sales-AM comes to support  trade.Berry’s community by providing clear and concise informative directions, educational support, marketing and communication solutions and so much more to those who want to join a world of social trading as it was supposed to be from the beginning!




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Sales-AM is the first and only informational HUB for trade.Berry's community and for you, we open the gates to a professional and 100% transparent environment of trade.Berry, where trading is easier than ever before!

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