Huge Range of Rotary Four Post Lift Is Brought On Demand by Sunshine Equipment Solution

Long range of four post Rotary lift has been introduced in the market by Sunshine Equipment Solution to meet the demand.


Orlando, Florida (Dec 03, 2016 ) - The demand for four post lift in the Orlando market is increasing day by day due to increasing sale of cars in the market. To meet this requirement for four post lifts in the garage to big service vehicles and small truck, Sunshine solution has list a large range of Rotary four post lift in their website. These four post lift can carry hefty weights for servicing integrated with a large variety of attributes. Every four lift are available in different type of capacity although the max wheel base is restricted to 194".

Sunshine Equipment Solution has launched Rotary four post SM14S, SM014S, SM18, ARP14S, AR18, SM301-S, and RFP14. Every model has a certain set of features although there is some feature that is standard in every model. Rotary SM14S, SM014S, and SM18 four post lift are integrated a large range of features which includes surface mount with an open front and an open rear, drive on lift system, wheelbase range up to 194", runway with oil resistance, etc. AR014S includes stainless radius gauge, sentinel lock system, rolling jacks with 7000 lbs capacity, wiring access holes, level locking system, filter adapter kit, etc.

Rotary SM301-S and AR18 four-post lift are also included in the website of Sunshine Equipment Solution, and this lift has the huge capacity of 18,000 lbs for AR18 and 30,000 lbs. These lifts are a suitable garage that services small trucks and SUVs with wheel base between 179" to 194" and the best part is that they can rise to 70". Both these four post lifts have stainless steel radius gauge, nonskid coating, internal airline system, etc.

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Sunshine equipment solution is a reputed Rotary post lift dealer and installer in Florida, and they sell the varied type of lifts. They are mostly available in Orlando areas, and anyone can leave their query on the website of Sunshine.

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Long range of four post Rotary lift has been introduced in the market by Sunshine Equipment Solution to meet the demand.

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Dec 03, 2016