I Can Honestly Say That This is one of the Best Mild Cleansers

I always thought that taking care of my skin was easy. All I needed was the best mild facial cleanser I could afford. I would wash my face in the morning when I wake up and at night before bedtime.

One day after I turned 18, I noticed that there was a problem with my skin.  There were small outbreaks of acne that would intermittently pop-up in splotches.  It was my forehead that got the worst of it.  My best friend said she believed the acne was from not washing thoroughly enough.  So I am left puzzled, because how much washing is enough?  If twice a day is not enough, then what is considered practical?  Could it simply be the product I am using to wash my face?  I purchased the current one OTC from the drug store, made sure it was mild and I paid a premium price for it too.  Could it really be that the mild cleanser price is of no consequence to the product that is in the bottle?  What mistakes have I been making that I could have avoided?  I just want to be able to take simple care of my face without all the extra steps and the added expense.  It is blaringly evident every time I look in the mirror that my current product has let me down or maybe it is just simply time for a change. 

At any rate, my best friend said someone recommended a mild skin cleanser to her.  She said it is very mild and she has been using it for about a week with great result.  Her skin feels cleaner and her old radiant glow is returning.  She is surprised because she did not expect such fantastic results so quickly.  I had noticed a change in the way she looked and also noticed she was wearing less makeup and still looked so put together every day.  I thought that maybe she was drinking more water or changed to a healthier diet. Never in a million years would I have believed that she changed her mild facial cleanser.  So I quickly visited the company website to learn more about their products and what I could do to make sure my skin had the same wonderful treatment.  I really took stock in the mild cleanser reviews because how else are you to find out how well something works other than by what others that have used it has to say.  The reviews were really good. After taking a look into it all, what I found was more than I could have ever imagined.  Although what I was looking for was a good facial cleanser, I found so much more.  There were facial cleansers as well as the moisturizers.  It was all great for my skin and affordable.  I purchased a 200 ml bottle of the extra mild cleansing milk.  It felt really good to my skin, had a great smell and it was good to know that it could be used on all skin types.  I really hate to purchase a product only to learn that it does nothing for combination skin like mine.

Although it was very affordable, it was truly more than I thought I would be getting for the price.  After using it the very first time, my skin felt lighter as if all the impurities had been lifted away and it left me with nothing more than rejuvenated skin.  My pores felt so much cleaner as well.  Also I was surprised to find that I did not have to even moisten my skin first.  I simply placed the product on my fingertips and massaged it on my face.  The only moment that I needed to use cool water was after the massage was done.  Splashing the cool water on my face left me feeling away and ready for the world in the morning and relaxed and ready for bed at night.   I have friends that have asked me what is the best facial cleanser and now I can recommend a great one to them.


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Dec 29, 2016