I-Thrive Offers Online Business Course Divided Into 24 Modules

I-Thrive is crafted by international consultant Les Bailey and his team.

I-Thrive (https://www.i-thrive.co.uk/) is thrilled to inform everyone that they are offering a comprehensive online business course, the Small Business Multiplier, which is divided into 24 detailed modules.

This course by I-Thrive is crafted by international consultant Les Bailey and his team. Each module is scheduled to be taken up by the business owners every two weeks, with the whole course running for one year.

In the first four modules, the participants will be guided in understanding their businesses. They will be taught how to measure key performance indicators of their business and identify their unique selling point. In addition, they will also be introduced to the course itself by studying about the Multiplier Effect, which is about improving the profits of the business. Modules 5-8 will be about marketing strategies. Here, the participants will study about online and offline ways of promoting a business. They will know how to attract people using social media, through face-to-face interaction, and other efficient marketing styles.

In Modules 9-11, the participants will learn about the expansion of marketing efforts. Strategies for reducing costs and keeping regular customers will be tackled here. In Module 12, they will be asked to create a 2-hour Growth Plan for their business that they will discuss with Les Bailey himself.

Modules 13-18 will focus on the customers. Participants will know how to determine the needs and wants of their target market.  Delivering a positive first impression to everyone will also be discussed in this part. Then, Modules 19-23 will guide them on how to be an effective business owner. They will learn how to deliver impressive presentations, speak to the public, and deal with people from different social styles.

Lastly, Module 24 will wrap up everything that was discussed in the previous modules. It will also talk about achieving customer satisfaction and maintaining an ongoing business growth.

To encourage entrepreneurs in getting their business course, I-Thrive provides a free copy of the course overview named Module 0 on their website. This module will give interested parties an idea of what the Small Business Multiplier course is all about.

To learn more about this online business course, log on to https://www.i-thrive.co.uk/.

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I-Thrive is a company dedicated in helping entrepreneurs bring their businesses to a higher level by providing a comprehensive online business course. They also offer professional business advice and informative resource materials to everyone. If you are interested in availing of their services, there are a lot of ways to get in touch with this company. You can speak with their representatives by calling 01223 967260. Alternatively, you can send your written questions and comments by accomplishing the contact form on their website, https://www.i-thrive.co.uk/.

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Feb 13, 2017