Ideas for Designing Your Perfect Garden

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The title of this post is utterly misleading because there cannot be a “perfect garden”. This is done to draw your attention towards reading this post. Now that it has been established, let’s talk about the reality.


With all the hustle and bustle in today’s sphere of life, peace of mind is a lost commodity. Mankind has surrounded itself with technology that claims to make one’s life easier and smarter. This is true to some extent, but not all of it. Peace of mind cannot be brought by an external source, it must come from within. That being said, the question that arises in one’s mind is “why do I need a spacious garden?”


A garden is a serene space where one can have in his/her residence. It sets up the necessary ambiance and domain to observe inner peace. A garden connects you will all the five elements, thereby activating the energy system in your body and facilitating inner peace. When you involve yourself by touching the plants and taking care of them, a natural perception of peacefulness is generated within you. Hence, having a garden in your residence is a must for anyone who wants to experience inner peace.


Following is a list of ideas to design a garden within the limited stretch of your home.


1) Don’t worry if you have a small place. You can still make the most use of it with the right design.


2) Don’t make it too crowded. This will remove the sense of openness that you want to achieve.


3) Keep it minimalistic. You don’t have to spend all your credits on expensive decorations for your garden.


4) Use monochromatic colour scheme while choosing the plants. Don’t make it a frenzy of colours.


5) Divide the lot into small spaces that can accommodate different aspects that you want to include in your garden.


6) Use the natural lighting to your advantage.


7) If you have slender ground space, then use the walls as a framework and start from there.


8) Ensure that there is some sort of seating installed in your garden.


9) Don’t limit your creativity just because you have a tiny slot. Think out of the box.


10) Use appropriate furniture for your garden.


A garden is a doorway towards attaining peace of mind. This can be made possible with the help of Croydon garden landscaper. Croydon landscaping specialists have a particular set of skills — from planning to planting, they know it all. EarthCareGardens takes huge pride in providing practical solutions to their clients and are extensively trained in garden design, landscaping and Croydon garden rooms. They don’t compromise on quality and clientele satisfaction is their primary concern. They assist you in every possible step towards achieving a minimalistic garden in your residence. Don’t waste your time looking to hire gardeners when garden landscaping Croydon will take care of all your gardening needs.


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Feb 11, 2018

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