Increase In The Number Of Properties Listed In The London Rental Market

Finefair provide property management services for success in the competitive London leasing and rental market.

There has been a significant increase in the number of London properties being listed as available to rent. Recently released reports have shown a rise of just below 10% measured for a three month period to June 2016. Whilst demand levels remain at a constant, the availability of a higher supply puts pressure on those seeking to gain suitable returns on their property investment. Finefair, the leading name in the London property market, provide the services required to attain the maximised yield.

Although a number of well documented events throughout the year have led many to speculate that the market would be affected, demand for London property remains high. Whilst an uncharacteristic level of uncertainty is present in the long term view of the city, a factor not under question is the high levels of demand for living space in London. The capital is one of the most in demand places in the world to live, which has directly led to it being so profitable for property investors. Securing the sustained success investors expect in this respect is dependent on knowing how to get the best from the market conditions.

Finefair are the property managers known and trusted for achieving maximised results in terms of return on investments in property. The company has, for over a decade, understood the market dynamics in a way that has allowed them to present preferential and accurate advice to property owners. By understanding the expectations and requirements of owners, Finefair are able to carry out the property management work which will deliver to meet them.

The higher level of rental property being available in London is a factor which will inevitably dilute the market. Whilst it is anticipated that good yield returns will still be possible to achieve, the increased competition is likely to see property owners need to commit higher levels of resources to marketing and tenant vetting. Finefair offer comprehensive property management services in London which sees all of this work - and all other requirements - carried out on behalf of clients.

Whether the best means to gain the anticipated returns on investment is through private letting, guaranteed rent or council leasing, Finefair act in the best interests of property owners in London. Their outstanding service levels have seen them appointed as preferred suppliers to the authorities of all major London Boroughs. Finefair are the name trusted for service excellence in respect of the London property market.

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Finefair are the leading name for all property services in London. Whether you are looking to make a short term return or enjoy long term yields through your property investment, they have the skills and expertise to deliver.

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Jul 18, 2016