Increased Demand For Commercial Property Puts Pressure On The Speed Of Deals

Nigel Tate Associates provide commercial Quantity Surveyor services designed to meet the current market requirements

Nigel Tate Associates, the premier chartered Quantity Surveyors serving South Yorkshire and the East Midlands, have welcomed the news of significant growth in the retail and commercial property sector during 2015. The performance in Yorkshire has been particularly impressive, with an annual increase of 11% in the region exceeding the recorded national level of 4%. This exceptional market position has created circumstances which serve to remind all involved of the importance of ensuring a high standard of commercial surveying services is undertaken in property deals.

With the demand for commercial and retail property sector expected to increase a barrier to growth being realised from this is a lack of supply. The number of existing buildings available does not meet the demand levels based on enquiries. A factor compounding this limitation on growth is that the projected level of new builds does not significantly contribute to the prospect of demand levels being met. In meeting the need for commercial property, investors and buyers are susceptible to a pressure or panic purchase of premises which could turn out to be unsuited to purpose, overprice or a combination of both. Calling on the services of experienced and trusted commercial surveyors is all the more essential in these circumstances.

The fact that demand exceeds supply in the commercial property sector in South Yorkshire can create a sense that time is limited in which to strike a deal. Resisting the pressure to act in accordance with this is a challenge. Nigel Tate Associates respect that this is the case, which is why their comprehensive services have been engineered in a way that allows the process to be completed as quickly as possible.

Nigel Tate Associates provide an expert awareness of the local property markets which they serve, with particular emphasis on South Yorkshire and the East Midlands and. Through a combination of understanding the regional environment and the market with a focus on the national context, the team has an unequalled record in the delivery of consistent and comprehensive Quantity Surveying work which is trusted throughout the industry.

As the team look forward to marking their 15th anniversary of service, the outstanding record of success which Nigel Tate Associates can look back on would be an understandable cause of celebration. The team are, however, strictly focused on the many years ahead which will see their services continue to make a positive difference in the retail and commercial property sector.

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Increased Demand For Commercial Property Puts Pressure On The Speed Of Deals

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Feb 10, 2016