Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Unaffected By EU Regulations

Depureco Move To Assure Clients That Powerful Vacuum Cleaners Are Not Being Made Illegal

Depureco would like to assure users in the EU that neither industrial vacuum cleaners, cleaning machines and floor sweepers are not about to be made illegal. This assurance comes as it is being widely reported - inaccurately - that the EU will be banning all vacuum cleaners with a power output over 1600W as of September 1 2014.

There has been some misunderstanding in respect of EU Commission Regulation 666/2013, Directive 2009/125/EC. The intention of the EU is to ban the import and manufacture of domestic vacuum cleaners more powerful than 1600W. This decision has been taken for environmental and energy efficiency reasons, and is intended to have bearing on domestic equipment only. It should be clarified that anyone who presently owns a vacuum cleaner more powerful than 1600W is not contravening any regulations or breaking any laws in doing so. The new rules affect only models imported or manufactured after September 1 2014.

In the light of the misinterpretations of the EU regulations for vacuum cleaners, Depureco feel it is important to assure the market that their products are not, and never will be, in violation of any rule or law. A number of exclusions have also been made, in particular with regards to vacuum cleaners for industrial use. High powered vacuum cleaners are essential in industrial settings to ensure that hygiene levels are maintained and for the removal of dangerous substances such as asbestos. Depureco industrial vacuum cleaners meet all the standards for safety and quality, and they will remain available to the market.

Depureco are widely regarded as the leading brand for industrial vacuums and cleaning equipment in Europe and throughout the world. The company, formed in Italy over 40 years ago, as been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of vacuum cleaners that are both powerful enough to meet commercial and industrial demands, as well as be as energy efficient as possible.

The vacuum cleaner industry has broadly welcomed the EU rulings as it helps ensure domestic customers are better informed about the energy and environmental factors associated with the devices they use. Depureco are amongst those welcoming the EU directive in this respect.

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Aug 22, 2014