Joe Klunder’s Research Sited in The 2017 Fiske Guide to Colleges

The Fiske Guide to Colleges is the number one source for discovering the best college options for students

Philanthropist and global education enthusiast Joe Klunder is excited to announce that the research information he discovered regarding California colleges has been recognized and cited in the 2017 Fiske Guide to Colleges. The guide was developed as a way to provide students and parents with a resource option to learn about the over 300 best colleges and universities in the nation and the unique attributes of each school without visiting the campus.

“It is an honor to have my research included in the Fiske Guide,” said Joe Klunder, researcher, philanthropist, and global education enthusiast. “I am very delighted to be part of a project I believe in.”

Klunder says that he likes how the Fiske Guide relates to how he searches for answers and disseminates truth for public consumption. He also believes that, his research sited in the guide can be edited year after year for clarity and accuracy.

“In the same way as a military person is a soldier first, I believe that a teacher should first have training in direct methods of instruction, then be able to specialize in project based learning, constructivism, language teaching, community service, health care, and a myriad of other things,” Klunder said.

Klunder hopes that, through his research, students utilize the Fiske Guide to Colleges as a tool to get a clearer understanding of the UC school system. “I even encourage students to reach out to me if they have questions,” said Klunder

Klunder is the founder of the Joe Klunder Education Challenge,” an education initiative dedicated to empowering the global community to increase awareness and education on a global scale.

“We’ve heard of crowdfunding. We’ve heard of crowdsourcing. How about ‘crowd-teaching’,” Klunder said.

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Sep 29, 2016