Kick-Starter Backed Motivational Pun Book Generates Global Response

Do Or Donut has already received a number of pledges from the Kick Starter Community.

March 19, 2017 – A little fun with puns can always bring sunshine back into an otherwise dull and demoralizing day. This is the refreshing spirit of ‘Do Or Donut’ a motivational Pun Book introduced by Eightysix London, a digital marketing company founded by Nigel Munjoma. Backed by Kick Starter, an innovative online platform that offers all inclusive support to creative projects whether in terms of equipment or guidance or, funds, this sprightly book has already won the attention of 12 backers that are ever eager to see this ‘pun’ endeavor in hard copy.

What makes fund pledging for this motivational pun book more fun, is the rewards that are extended by Eightysix London to backers of the project. At present, backers can pledge anywhere from 5 pounds to 40punds or more. For those pledging as much as 40 pounds can expect motivating gifts like coffee mug with their preferred pun printed on it, a hard copy of the book with the backer’s name printed on the page, T-shirts, thank you post card and more. People can add their own pun to the book in the paragraph listing the rewards.

The primary intention of the creator of this pun-tastic project was to knit age old wisdom with humor, making it an uncompromised remedy for any weary soul. Taking a quick look through the visual depiction of the puns, one can be amply confident that this book is applicable to one and all irrespective of age, gender, profession or general outlook towards life.
As they say ‘Impossible is Muffin’… this instantly uplifting project is expected to achieve its aim by the end of this month if not sooner.

About Do Or Donut Motivational Pun Book –
Do Or Donut is a motivational pun book introduced by Nigel Munjoma and backed by Kick Starter. This project has attracted massive contributions from the Kick Starter community with more pledges pouring in by the passing days.

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Do Or Donut has already received a number of pledges from the Kick Starter Community. The efforts of project backers is assured to be rewarded with t shirts, thank you notes, hard copy of the book and many more.

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Mar 19, 2017