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At Hands of Tibet, you can find Tibetan Buddhist Blank Prayer Flags, Chakra Flags, and Prayer Flags at the reasonable price. Our extraordinary prayer flags are made by Tibetan artisans.

People in huge numbers across the globe are fascinated with Buddhism and the preaching of Gautama Buddha. They believe that the different Buddhist Meditation Braceletsand other related products can bring in plenty of satisfaction and happiness in their life. As a matter of fact, Buddha Meditation Bead 108 has been causing waves especially within the fashion industry. Similar to other types of jewelry item, Black Onyx Mala Beads are considered to be unique in its own way and designed to be beneficial.


Its origin


Buddhist Bone Mala Beads and bracelets are said to have their origin within the religion. According to experts, Buddhism is well known for attaining enlightenment via meditation as well as suppression of all worldly desires. During the early times, the bracelets and Chakra Flags were handiwork of the Buddhist artists and blacksmiths. Presently, Metal Healing Bracelet, Om Singing Bowl, Prayer Flags, etc. are being crafted for representing the popular Buddhist religion.


Make up and design


Mandala Wall Om and other Buddhist products are created from superior quality metal elements. Few of them are also created from gold and silver elements and others from copper, brass and bronze elements. Bracelets and Pashmina from Nepal can be found in different designs, shapes and styles. Some may even feature Buddha images along with other characters related to Buddhism. Usually, these are designed towards representing traditional Buddhist culture and can be found in different types that are quite unique.


There are numerous sites that deal in Buddhist products.

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