Kraft Gift Boxes with Lids Have Redefined Gift Wrapping in UK

Packaging industries need to take ownership of their industrial waste and show some responsibility towards our environment.

Packaging industries are widely responsible for environment pollution, as most of the packaging raw materials comprise plastic and other harmful chemicals. Carrier Bag Hut has distinguished itself by keeping good terms with the environment. Company has made numerous efforts to ensure environment well being by launching numerous range of eco-friendly gift boxes.

Carrier Bag Hut has now come up with their latest range of gift boxes made from kraft paper. Kraft paper is a 100% recycled paper. This range includes square gift boxes, large square gift boxes and 2 piece gift boxes with lid.        

These beautiful gift boxes are available in market from March 16, 2017. Many clients who are already associated with Carrier Bag Hut have been awaiting this launch. These boxes are sturdy in nature and are designed with technique that allows heavy weight to be carried with ease.

Carrier Bag Hut has used robust machinery and skilled artisans, which act as the asset of the company. Supreme power of any organisation lies in its people, when the people are motivated to deliver best results there is no chance of failure.

Most organisations pay more attention to targets and make fewer efforts for employee retention. This strategy leads to higher rate of attrition due to which more time is spent in training new people on old process rather than evolving new processes for faster results.

Carrier Bag Hut has made a benchmark for organisations in employee friendly policies. This is main reason the organisation is able to lead in its line of business.


Launch of square gift boxes would hopefully be a success like all other launches which happen on a regular basis. Company has been continuously coming up with new refined range of products across the varied verticals of packaging.

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It is a Manchester based company and have a wide spread of categories to match the complete packaging needs of their customers.They have the expertise in the entire packaging arena and their forte is carrier bags.

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Mar 17, 2017