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SchoolExams.co.uk (https://www.schoolexams.co.uk/), UK’s premier practise exam papers provider, proudly present one of their recently added courses, their KS2 (SATs) Maths May 2016.

SchoolExams.co.uk (https://www.schoolexams.co.uk/), UK’s premier practise exam papers provider, proudly present one of their recently added courses, their KS2 (SATs) Maths May 2016. This is particularly beneficial for those who are looking for cheaper private tutor alternatives for their SAT exam preparations.


 SchoolExams.co.uk’s KS2 (SATs) Maths May 2016 offering consists of three papers: the first is all about arithmetic while the other two tackles reasoning. Paper 1 consists of 36 questions answerable in 30 minutes. Paper 2 has 20 questions answerable in 40 minutes, and Paper 3 has 21 questions which can be finished in also 40 minutes. All of the mentioned papers can be availed for only £2.49 for one year access.


To give interested parties an idea of the questions these papers provide, all number one questions can be viewed from the company’s website for free. The papers also come with animated video solutions so that the students can practise effectively and even mark their own papers. Please note that SchoolExams.co.uk reserves all rights to change the above mentioned price and this might change at any time.


These tests correctly assess the student’s ability in Math and their readiness to sit their SATs. The results in these papers are reported in scales with a scaled 100 score as the expected standard. This 100 scaled score means that the student has correctly answered 60 out of the possible 110-item examination. 


SchoolExams.co.uk has helped a lot of students do well in their GCSE, KS2 (SATs) and 11+ examinations. Their practise exams have been made by former exam creators, so their customers are assured of the quality. This company has made preparing for the difficult school exams cheaper and more accessible as their papers can be conveniently viewed on desktop or via mobile devices.


SchoolExams.co.uk has not only helped the students but their parents as well. Here is what Pamela, one of their satisfied parent customers, has to say about them: “My son needs help with his GCSE maths, and I have been so stressed about it as it's been so long since I did maths. It has all changed so much since I was at school. A friend recommended SchoolExams.co.uk and I have to say, the exam tutorials and completed papers have enabled me to not only update my maths knowledge but to also help my son with his revision and exam preparation. Its important to me as a parent to be able to help, so thank you so much School Exams”.


Learn more about SchoolExams.co.uk and their offerings by visiting their official website at https://www.schoolexams.co.uk/.


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SchoolExams.co.uk is a company established with a vision to assist students and their parents in their GCSE, KS2 (SATs) and 11+ exam preparations. The company provides past exam papers with animated video solutions to make learning easy and fun for all. To get in touch with SchoolExams.co.uk, call their hotline at 0203 3550 086 or send them an email via info@schoolexams.co.uk. For more information, log on to https://www.schoolexams.co.uk/.

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