Laminate Floors are Great Choices for Your Chicago Home or Office

If you want the real wood look in your Chicago home or office but can’t afford hardwood there is another viable option.

Laminate floors have advantages over natural material products such as tile, carpet, limestone, marble, and hardwood. Here are some of them:

•Less than half the price of natural stone tile

•About ½ the price of real hardwood floors

•Very durable and low maintenance

•Many patterns, colors, textures available

•Emits low volume of chemicals into the air

•No need to refinish like stone and hardwood

•Made by the best manufacturers

•Very stain resistant

•It is easy to clean

•Best brands are superior quality

•Pieces can be replaced if damaged


Today’s laminate flooring products come in so many different grain patterns and colors that taking their beauty for granted is too easy. Natural wood grain patterns are easily duplicated in factories and customers love them. Problems with mismatching grain patterns from one piece to the next are virtually eliminated. The old style laminates looked cheap and many resembled plastic. The visual appearance in today’s quality laminate floors is gorgeous and is available at affordable prices for your Chicago home or office. This example demonstrates the surface quality you can have.

Chicago Pros Will Install Your Laminate Floors 

Leading Chicago dealers know their customers want laminate floors installed by the pros. Most laminate they offer is nail less and glue less, thus making it easy for the technicians to lay it flawlessly. How is this possible? Specially made flooring tools and tongue-and-groove pieces that lock together allow a professional job. The end result is a tight connection and reduced installation time.                                                                                                                                    

Many brands come with a lifetime warranty. When looking for quality, also look for an affordable laminate flooring dealer. After pricing other flooring materials you will find that a good grade of laminate is more affordable after all.


Laminate is one of the most popular forms of flooring in Chicago for new or existing homes and light traffic offices in the workplace. Letting the experts take on your project will save you a lot of time to do other things in life that matter. Their expertise can save you many possible mistakes in laying and relaying the floors.    


Homeowners are not trained to deal with inadequate subfloor issues like the pros. Experienced technicians can save on material cost because they will not over buy like homeowners some times do. They know how to estimate the amount of materials accurately. When you want laminate floors installed properly in Chicago call on the experts. 


Buy from a Reliable Laminate Flooring Company in Chicago 


Buying from a reliable laminate flooring company will ensure that your floors are safe for your home or office and are not toxic. Some imported laminates do not pass the safety standards that are so important. No one wants to get sick from their own home or workplace. It has happened in the past. Reliable dealers and installers know the difference and you should be able to rely on their advice.            


Some flooring materials contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can easily evaporate into the air at room temperature. A VOC is a carbon-based chemical used in the manufacturing of laminate flooring. Some can be smelled at high levels while others have no odor to detect. There is a level of risk from some flooring materials and odor does not indicate the level. The solution? Buy safe products that meet national standards.


Leading flooring installers like Classic Floors Chicago will help you select laminate flooring that has long lasting beauty and durability. All you need to do is keep the floors free of sand particles, grit, and dust for that original shine. Simple routine cleaning adds that extra bit of surface glow that will please the most discriminating eye. Their technicians have customers that keep coming back and recommend that their friends give them a try! They are true craftsmen that do the highest quality work and do it on schedule. This leaves you with NO headaches because their service is outstanding – even after the installation is complete. A reliable laminate flooring company in Chicago is something to be appreciated.


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