Las Vegas Chiropractor Dr Matthew Mortensen D. C., Helps Neuropathy Sufferers Find Relief

Lake Mead Chiropractic provides solutions for victims of neuropathy. The methods rely on natural and drug-free techniques to bring about healing.

Las Vegas NV, 14-MAY-2015 - Lake Mead Chiropractic and Dr. Matthew Mortensen DC, are pleased to announce that chiropractic care includes solutions for neuropathy symptoms. The chiropractor Las Vegas area provides solutions which are effective and which do not require the use of drugs. Chiropractic philosophy uses natural remedies and employs procedures and practices which are directed at helping the body to heal itself.

Neuropathy is a condition, rather than a disease. It is associated with several other diseases, most commonly diabetes. The malfunction may also be caused by injury, infection or sometimes inherited disorder. Peripheral neuropathy occurs when the nerves malfunction because of damage or destruction. The normal functioning of the nerves is disrupted. The patient may feel pain when there is nothing to cause the sensation. Alternatively, there may be no pain signal even though there is reason to feel pain.

The methods used by Dr. Mortensen are all natural. There are no pharmaceuticals involved in the care plan which is individually created for each patient. The emphasis is on improving the health of the nerve fibers so that they take up their designed tasks to carry nerve signals correctly to and from the brain.

Some of the elements of the therapeutic plan include nutrition to rebuild the nerves at the smallest level. Circulation might be increased in order to bring oxygenated blood to the damaged area. Massage and certain types of exercise are helpful to improve overall health of the body. Changing lifestyle habits will assist in overall health as well.

Learn more about neuropathy pain relief by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions concerning the details of this press notice are encouraged to contact Dr. Mortensen at the location provided below.

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May 14, 2015

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