Laser Cutting Machine For Leather Carving

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Laser Cutting Machine For Leather Carving



No matter what your engraving application is or what type of engraving you prefer, laser cutting machines are an easy and accurate choice. GBOS Laser offers several laser cutting machines perfect for laser cutting applications such as acrylic, ceramic or wood engraving.


The Benefits of Laser Cutting Machines


Increase productivity: laser cutting machines offer high speeds and high power, increasing your output with a fast, reliable solution.


Easy to use: Laser cutting machines operate similarly to any other laser machine and include an intuitive, robust layout system – making use simple for experienced or novice users.Additionally, laser cutting machines automatically position, making sure your engraving is accurate and high quality.


Increased peace of mind: Because laser cutting machines do not open and because they utilize a contact free process, users are never exposed to moving, dangerous parts. Also, our machines eliminate fumes and excess materials – giving you a cleaner, safer environment, and a machine that lasts longer.


Increased versatility: GBOS Laser laser cutting machines are adjustable to work with any size engraving project or material.


The laser cuts in fact perfectly the skin and scalp as if they were a sheet of paper.The effect of laser engraving is that of a burn or marking fire and reflects perfectly the incisions made with traditional utensils marking. It is indelible and enduring. Precision is thousandth and can be engraved written, drawn images and logos scratched. Objects in skin and scalp that can be processed with the laser are many and range from the clothing to the furnishing.


Two of the most common laser processing of leather and leather are without a doubt the incision and micro-perforation of leather soles and marking labels for applications on jeans and T-shirts.From the material overview, choose the material that you wish to cut or engrave with our laser machines. Common materials cut or engraved with the laser include acrylic, wood, paper, metal, plastics, glass, leather, stone, etc.


We also show you what specific material sorts are suited for laser engraving or laser cutting (e. g. wood sorts, metal types, types of plastics, and many more). For any questions on other materials, simply contact us


Looking for laser and rotary engraving materials? You can order them directly from Check out our metals, laminates and engravable accessories in different sizes and colors. Get more information about


Most fashion-forward collections of statement-making leather pieces took it up a notch thanks to the masterful workmanship of laser-cutting. Edgy yet sophisticated, laser cut detailing takes an already rich and sumptuous fabric into a whole new level of seduction and beauty. Take part in this high fashion trend that is a cut above by shopping this season's most coveted pieces.


Our laser systems can cut intricate patterns and produce multilayer appliqués without fraying edges.What type of leather will be suitable for laser cutting? Well almost all Leather types suitable for laser cutting and engraving.


Natural leather,

synthetic leather,

napped leather,





Our laser machines are used to cut, mark and engrave fabrics such as silk, leather, satin, denim, cotton and ultra-suede. From Leather, to cotton, to suede, to twill, to nylon, a laser system can cut them all. Take your design from almost any graphic design software and print it to the laser. It's that easy!


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