Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in India Very Affordable to Pockets of Abroad Patients

Lasik eye surgery cost in India has lowered the burden of high expenses that were being incurred by international patients on eye care in developed western countries

Lasik eye surgery cost in India is very affordable to the pockets of abroad eye patients. Eye surgery benefits in India are immense and are readily available at the sophisticated eye treatment hospitals at Mumbai, Goa and Delhi. With the most experienced eye surgeons, highly sophisticated surgical equipments and other amenities India is among the best choices for medical treatment when it comes to take care of the eyes. There is an annual rise of 15% of medical tourists traveling to India to get lasik eye treatment. Today Indian government is introducing easy and special medical visas that will help foreign patients to get medical treatment in India with relative ease.

This procedure of lasik eye surgery involves the use of a very special laser machine that has been created to cure errors of eye refraction, improvement in the vision of eyes, and bring down or eliminate the requirement of contact lens or eye glasses. During the procedure of lasik eye surgery, a well trained eye surgeon first does the creation, of thin corneal flap by making the use of microkeratome. The surgeon then takes back the flap and exposes the corneal tissue lying beneath, and then the laser ablates re-grants the cornea in a unique and special pattern for every patient. The flap then gets repositioned for the underlying cornea without any kind of sutures.

If you need a cost effective lasik eye surgery then you can approach reliable medical tourism companies like Indian Healthguru Consultant. This company has been in the field of medical tourism and healthcare services since last 11 years. It has helped many abroad patients coming to India from destinations like USA, Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia to get medical treatment in India at a very affordable cost.

The team of Indian Healthguru Consultant has made registration from the Indian Government it is a registered health tourism company. The company is having a big team of experienced surgeons, compassionate nurses and patient friendly para-medical staff. We provide international patients with the best and cost saving medical trip packages in India. Our branches operate in the Indian cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Goa, Delhi and Bangalore. We have associations with the best multispecialty hospitals and clinics in these cities that meet the healthcare requirements of patients with full satisfaction.

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May 13, 2015