Latest Tracking Protection feature on Mozilla Firefox launched by Ex-Mozilla engineer

Know about latest feature of Mozilla Firefox i.e. tracking protection, it prvents any website from recording user personal infromation.

07, July 2015 ( Press Release ) - The latest feature known as tracking protection feature is added by the former engineers of Mozilla, ex Mozilla Corp. software engineer Monica Chew and Mozilla’s intern and Columbia University student Geogios Kontaxis launched a feature that allows user to activate “Do no track” feature and protect themselves from tracking by any website.

At the Web 2.0 Security and Privacy Workshop organized in the late May, they get awarded for their paper on new Firefox Tracking Protection technology.
Through this feature user requesting websites to do not track user data, this tracking guard goes further than Mozilla's "Do Not Track" feature which is an unpaid setting to prevent cookies and other recording equipments such as bio-matrix.
However, this function is not set to “activated” as by default. So you have to turn it on, to activate do no track feature of Mozilla you have to go through a series of steps.

In the Chew’s blog, importance of Tracking Protection and the related problem with advertising is described.

Chew wrote "I believe that Mozilla can make progress in privacy, but leadership needs to recognize that current advertising practices that enable free content are in direct conflict with security, privacy, stability, and performance concerns -- and that Firefox is first and foremost a user-agent; not an industry-agent."

"Advertising does not make content free. It merely externalizes the costs in a way that incentivizes malicious or incompetent players to build things like Superfish, infect one in 20 machines with ad injection malware, and create sites that require unsafe plugins and take twice as many resources to load -- quite expensive in terms of bandwidth, power, and stability.

In the conclusion of her blog she wrote, it will take a major force to disrupt this ecosystem and motivate alternative revenue models. I hope that Mozilla can be that force."

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