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Innovation is what leads every aspect of our lives, from the technology surrounding our electronics to the things we do for hobbies. If you are interested in competition shooting or are an avid shooter, you know how technology has driven the firearm industry. One of the biggest innovators on the market today is Blaser, with their one of a kind rifles like the Blaser R8. This is truly a revolutionary firearm that any regular shooter should own.

If you live in Nashville or the surrounding areas, the newest and best shop available when it comes to purchasing firearms is Double Guns of Nashville. The Blaser R8 is sold both new and used at Double Guns of Nashville to help fit every budget and price range. This amazing rifle truly represents some of the biggest innovations and developments that have been made to this style firearm in over twenty years. Upon visiting the amazing shop, you can see firsthand how truly amazing this rifle is.

“Upon opening Double Guns of Nashville, our founders knew that they wanted to offer only the highest quality of firearms to their customers, which is why they quickly wanted to build their inventory of Blaser products. The R8 is one of our best sold products because of its reliability and versatility. The interchangeable caliber system that is built in gives the shooter the ability to change between a large variety of calibers. If you would like to learn more about the rifle, or view examples of the Blaser R8 we have available, please visit our easy to navigate website today,” states Shawn Johnson, the company’s Sales Manager.

As mentioned, the Blaser R8 has an innovative interchangeable caliber system that gives the rifle qualities of several firearms in one. Also, the firearm has a revolutionary straight pull action compared to traditional rotary bolts. This gives it a speed and versatility that you will not find in other rifles in the market. Since the bolt is directly locked to the barrel, it is three inches shorter than traditional rifles.

Though it may not seem necessary, the shortened length of the Blaser R8 gives it an ideal weight distribution which improves its overall balance. The detachable box magazine and trigger assembly on the R8 are assembled into a single unit. However, this unit can be locked into place if you do not prefer a detachable magazine. Overall, this amazing firearm is very versatile and customizable to your specific shooting needs, and the best possible place to purchase the Blaser R8 is Double Guns of Nashville.


About Us: Double Guns of Nashville is a quality firearm dealer in Tennessee. The shop was opened by Terry Hetrick and Barry Rich in 2016. They focus on supplying customers with high quality competition shotguns and premium rifles. Amongst other popular brands, the shop is a registered dealer of Kreighoff and Blaser firearms. They carry a variety of shotguns and rifles along with accessories for both competition shooting and hunting. You can also browse their large selection of pre-owned firearms. They work closely with a local shooting school to help educate those in the area. To learn more about the company or to browse their products, visit

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