London Borough Of Hackney Delivers Strong 2016 GDP Performance Figure

Finefair, the leading name for investment property in London, see Hackney as a growth area for portfolio holders

Westminster and the City of London are known as the two main economic centres of London. The annual GDP of the two Boroughs is consistently the highest, with their financial contribution to the economy of both the capital city and the country being of major significance. It is, however, not the case that either Borough is responsible for the highest level of GDP growth on a year on year basis.

Finefair, the leading name for investment property in London, welcomed a recent report which confirmed their market research. Over the course of the last year it was the London Borough of Hackney which recorded the highest real term GDP growth. Hackney recorded a GDP growth of 8% in 2016. By comparison, Boroughs such as Newham and Redbridge had a GDP growth of 5%, whereas a 4% growth was reported for the City of London.

The GDP growth measured in Hackney has now been consistent for a number of years. This is a very significant factor which must be considered when exploring the options and opportunities for London investment property. Whilst the actual value of GDP remains higher in areas such as Westminster and the City of London, the year on year growth recorded in Hackney reflects the stability of the area. Further, the long term view gives every indication that economic growth in Hackney is being achieved in a viable and sustainable way.

Hackney delivering a consistently strong GDP figure is one of the more significant factors Finefair considers when providing services to property investors. The comprehensive understanding Finefair has of all aspects affecting the London property market is what has made the team the leading name in the capital for more than a decade. A combination of market knowledge and strategic partnerships with the London Borough authorities enables Finefair to meet all investor expectations, whether short or long term.

At this stage the economic indicators for the London property market show the potential for stability and growth. Whilst this is the case for all of the Boroughs, Finefair view Hackney as being a key area for all investors to give serious consideration. Finefair's team of property professionals can be trusted to deliver maximum returns on expectations for investors in property across the city.

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Feb 20, 2017