London Population Growth Forecast Is Higher Than The National Average

Finefair have identified areas of London where the demand for property will offer the most significant returns to investors

Recently released figures indicate that the population of London is expected to grow by just under 15% over the next decade. This is substantially higher than the growth anticipated over the same period on a national level, with the UK population entire anticipate to grow by around 8%. With the capital city already experiencing a sharp disparity between the amount of available living space and the demand for it, the London property market is highly likely to experience higher levels of sustained growth, even when compared to the impressive figures of the last few years. Finefair, the leading name in the London property market, believe that the forecast growth is going to facilitate success in areas which presently do not feature a high level of investor presence.

The London Boroughs which Finefair have identified as being those with the most potential to benefit from anticipated growth levels are to the East and South East of the city. Various factors mean that some areas - in particular Lewisham, Tower Hamlets and the Royal Borough of Greenwich - will experience return on investment results which exceed other, more traditionally successful parts of the capital city. The most significant of these factors is the enhanced level of commuter connectivity being put in place across these areas.

Crossrail and Transport For London (TfL) recently announced that there would be over 12 new Thames crossings put in place to accommodate the significant level of population growth forecast. The majority of these, in particular work to extend the Bakerloo line, are designed to allow a far greater engagement with residents of East London and South East London with key areas of the city. Commuter travel to and from Canary Wharf has in particular been identified as a priority. The higher and more frequent level of transport offered by TfL is going to make these parts of London considerably more attractive and viable for the increased population.

Finefair view these developments - as well as the current market conditions - as making the area of the most attractive at present in terms of the investment properties London has. Despite the East and South East of London all recording the highest percentages of growth in terms of property values, the overall value of property remains lower that the average across the city. This unique set of circumstances means that investors - with the benefit Finefair working for them - can access the potential for truly remarkable returns on property investments.

London is expected to account for some 33% of all growth experienced in the United Kingdom over this ten year period. The property market across the capital city will be one of the key areas where this growth comes from. For all investment, management, rental and leasing matters related to property, Finefair are the established leading name for superior service in London.

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Jan 14, 2016